Today I want to bring you my top Valentine’s Day ideas for London. Whether you’re looking for the perfect date restaurant for February 14th, the most romantic places in London, or somewhere special to go with someone you love, there’s something in the UK capital for you. Read on for the A Lady in London guide to Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day Ideas for London

Valentine’s Day Ideas for London

One of the things I like most about London is the abundance of things to do and see here. From cultural attractions to live music and performances, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you and your loved one like musicals or street performers, breathtaking views or cutting-edge culinary experiences, there’s a way for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day in London that fits your interests.

Whether you’re a born-and-raised Londoner, a recent expat, a couple, a family, or a group of friends (yay, Galentine’s Day!), there’s an idea that will fit your budget, style, and preferences.

Wellington Arch Heart in London

I hope my Valentine’s Day ideas for London help you come up with the perfect way to celebrate love this February 14th.

Whatever you come up with, make sure to reserve things as far in advance as possible. This is a popular day to be in the city, and places book up early.

1. Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for London

Since it’s one of the most popular things to do on Valentine’s Day, I’ll start my list with date ideas. There are lots of great dates to go on in the city, and plenty of scope for getting creative.

Valentines Shop Decorations in London

The UK capital has good restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightlife, not to mention exhibitions, performances, cinemas, comedy clubs, gigs, and shows. Add to that world-class cultural attractions, and there are lots of dates you can go on.

My top tip is to figure out what your loved one is most interested in and plan a date around that. If they love food, find a fun dining experience. If they love music, find a concert. If they love cocktails, find a bar. If you both love the same things, even better.

I’ll use myself as an example. I love London and food in equal measure. One year a boyfriend took me on a Thames cruise, a private capsule on the London Eye, and a romantic dinner at The Cinnamon Club in Westminster. It was the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

London Eye on Valentines Day

On another occasion I planned a date for my boyfriend. He loves tiki bars, classic British food, and speakeasies.

We started the evening with tropical cocktails at Kona Kai in Fulham. Afterwards we had dinner at oh-so-British (and romantic) Maggie Jones’s in Kensington.

We finished the evening with live music in the secret subterranean bar at Evans & Peel in Earls Court. It was a fun date to plan, and an enjoyable night out for both of us.

Cocktails in London

I could go on, but you get the point. The best Valentine’s Day date ideas in London are the ones that allow you to get creative and thoughtful while letting your loved one experience more of the things they love (including you!).

If you want more inspiration, my blog post with date ideas for London can help. It has lots of ways to spend your time whatever your style, budget, or idea of fun might be. My guide to London at night is a good resource, too.

2. Valentine’s Day Restaurants in London

Since many people dine out on Valentine’s Day, I’ll continue my list with my top picks for ideas for Valentine’s Day restaurants in London.

OXO Tower Restaurant

While many restaurants get all dressed up for Valentine’s Day (think balloons, confetti kisses, and roses galore), some have romance in the air year-round. They’re my favorite places to have dinner on February 14th, as they come across as more authentic.

My top picks for year-round romantic restaurants in London are Andrew Edmunds and La Poule au Pot.

The former has been around since 1985 and it’s often considered an ‘old Soho‘ institution. Set in an 18th-century townhouse on Lexington Street, it serves modern European cuisine.

Think candlelit tables, mood lighting, and hand-written menus on chalkboards on the walls, and you’ll get the idea.

Soho, London at night

Over in Belgravia, La Poule au Pot is another classic. This multi-level French bistro has intimate nooks and romantic ambiance created by dried flowers and lots of curios.

The sister restaurant of Maggie Jones’s, it’s the perfect place for Valentine’s Day. I should know. I’ve had dinner there on February 14th.

Other places with romantic atmosphere include Villa Bianca in Hampstead, the Fox & Anchor pub in Smithfield, and Bob Bob Ricard, with its “press for champagne” buttons.

Romantic restaurant in Hampstead, London

And that’s to say nothing of classics like Rules and J Sheeky in Covent Garden. They always transport me back in time to a more romantic era.

You can get additional ideas from my blog post about the best restaurants in London. It has options for a variety of cuisines, styles, locations, and price points.

If you’re on a budget (or you don’t like paying more for the usual food just because it’s February 14th), you can celebrate on the day before or after Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day decorations at a cafe in London

Better yet, if the 14th falls on a weekday, you can wait until the weekend and get more value.

3. Valentine’s Day Hotels in London

Next on my list of Valentine’s Day ideas for London is hotels. Lots of people travel to the UK capital or staycation in the city on February 14th.

From luxury hotels to cheap-and-cheerful accommodation, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to London. A lot depends on your budget, style, and definition of romance.

Valentines Day Hotel Room

I’ve stayed in a lot of London hotels over the years, and I have a few favorites when it comes to places that inspire love. Whether its their decor, atmosphere, views, or elegance, they all have that special something.

My top picks for Valentine’s Day hotels in London are The Rookery, the Shangri-La, and The Zetter Townhouse. The Rookery is all clandestine historic charm. It’s the perfect place if your idea of romance is a secret hideaway. You can reserve a room here.

The Rookery, London

The Shangri-La has some of the best views in London. Located at the top of The Shard, this hotel is pure luxury. If you want to splurge, this is a great Valentine’s Day hotel in London for you. You can book a room here.

The Zetter Townhouse is full of cool character and stylish cocktail lounges. Whichever location you choose, you’re in for a fun experience at one of the best quirky hotels in London. You can reserve a room here.

If you want more inspiration, you can take a look at my blog posts about the top places to stay in London and the best area to stay in London for your style. You’re bound to find something that appeals.

Zetter Townhouse Bar in Clerkenwell, London

4. Valentine’s Day Experiences in London

Next on my list of Valentine’s Day ideas for London is experiences. If drinks, dinner, and a show in the West End don’t get your inner romantic excited, there are plenty of other ways to show your loved one a good time in the city.

Again, this largely comes down to what your special someone is interested in. It can also depend on whether they’ve been to London before (or live here), or whether this is their first time in the city.

For newbies, my top Valentine’s Day ideas are a private capsule on the London Eye and a romantic dinner cruise on the Thames. Both are great ways to experience the city, take in the views, and celebrate love at the same time.

Thames Cruise

For residents or long-time visitors, I recommend getting creative and doing something a bit different.

Whether that’s a pottery class in a local neighborhood, going on a scavenger hunt, seeing an exhibition, attending a festival, heading to a party, having afternoon tea, taking a walking tour, or something else, there are lots of fun things to do in London.

You can get more ideas and book something that appeals on the GetYourGuide website. I’ve done a lot of tours and trips through them, and I’ve always enjoyed the experiences. You can see all your options here.

Shop with Valentines Day decorations in London

You can also take a look at my themed London itineraries to get an idea of fun things to do for your loved one’s particular interests.

They cover everything from things to do for book lovers to shopping trips in the city. There’s even an itinerary for romantic things to do in London.

If you’re on a budget, my list of 51 free things to do in London can help you plan. There are lots of ways to celebrate love without spending a thing.

5. London Valentine’s Day Gifts

For many people, gift giving is a tradition on February 14th. If you’re in need of Valentine’s Day ideas for London gifts, you’re in luck. There are plenty of fun presents you can give your loved one.

Valentine Pastries

I’ve always found that the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones my loved one wants, not the ones I want to give them. They’re thoughtfully chosen based on what the recipient likes, not based on what I like. Above all, they’re not generic.

I’ve always found it helpful to start listening to what they say they want in advance of February 14th. It amazes me how many times people say “I wish I had” or “I’d really like” when I start to tune in.

It makes it easy to give a gift when I already know what the person wants (and I don’t have to worry about that fake “oh…thanks soooooo much” that comes with a disappointing present).

Valentines Day Shopfront in London

Often times it’s something simple that I’d never have thought to give them, but that they’re surprised and delighted to receive (and to know I listened when they said they wanted it).

For example, my boyfriend loves to cook, and I don’t. I never would have thought to get him (or anyone else) a cookbook since I wouldn’t ever want to receive one as a gift.

But last January he mentioned he’d like to find some fun recipes to cook for us, so for Valentine’s Day I got him a book called The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook.

Books for Cooks, London

He loved it, and he was touched that I’d remembered he said he wanted to cook for us. We’ve used it a lot since then (and the recipes are delicious!).

Depending on your loved one’s interests, you can get them a classic London gift like tea from Fortnum & Mason, or an experience like a weekend trip from London.

You can take a look at my guides to the best things to buy in London and the best London gifts for more inspiration. From British clothing to food and home decor, they have a wide range of ideas.

Marylebone High Street, London

My blog post about the best shopping streets in London can help as well. From the chic boutiques on the King’s Road to the vintage shops on Brick Lane and the classic stores on Hampstead High Street and Marylebone High Street, it has the best places to find gifts whatever your loved one’s style is.

I’ve also put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide and a curated list of British gifts on Amazon with ideas for London-themed presents to get your loved one. They have everything from food to mementos and experiences.

If you want to stick to the traditional roses, chocolate, and champagne, there are plenty of places to find them in London. Florists like Moyses Stevens are classics. They’ve been around since 1876 and they create beautiful handmade bouquets.

Valentines Day Florist in London

As far as chocolate goes, my favorite places in London are Charbonnel et Walker and Rococo Chocolates. The former was founded in 1875, and it’s famous for its pink champagne truffles. Their shop in the Royal Arcade is beautiful, too.

The latter is one of my favorite places for chocolate in London. It not only has some of the best hot chocolate in London (I got my boyfriend a tin once and he still talks about it), but also delicious handmade truffles and sumptuous gifts wrapped in design-led packaging.

And for champagne, my go-to shop when I need nice bubbly is Hedonism Wines in Mayfair. Just off Berkeley Square, this place has a huge selection and knowledgeable staff. They’ve always helped me find a winning bottle of sparkling when I need a gift.

Champagne in London

Valentine’s Day Ideas for London

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to Valentine’s Day ideas for London and that it’s helped you decide on the perfect way to spend February 14th. If you’ve been wondering where to celebrate Valentine’s Day in London, there are plenty of options.

If you want more inspiration, take a look at my blog posts about romantic weekend getaways in Europe, the most romantic places in the UK, the best romantic travel destinations, the top romantic winter getaways in the UK, and Valentine’s breaks in the UK.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentines Day Ideas for London

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