Mayfair is synonymous with luxury. Hotels, shops, tailors, and purveyors of the finer things in life aspire to new levels of hedonism here. Everything is immaculate, from the streets to the gardens and squares. But this London neighborhood isn’t just a display case. It’s a living part of the city, and there are a lot of things to do in Mayfair. Today I want to share some of my favorites.

Things to Do in Mayfair

Things to Do in Mayfair

There’s enough to do in this part of central London to fill a few weeks. From the Royal Academy of Arts to the high-end boutiques and fine dining scene, Mayfair has a lot to offer. But there’s more to it than just the glitz on the surface, and over the years I’ve discovered some of the area’s best features.

Mayfair, London

Parks, Squares, and Gardens in Mayfair

Starting with the green ones. Mayfair is bounded on two sides by some of London’s biggest and best parks. With Green Park to the south and Hyde Park to the west, there’s no shortage of places to get outdoors around here.

Hyde Park

But the neighborhood itself has a lot to offer in the way of flora, too. One of my favorite little parks in Mayfair is Brown Hart Gardens. Elevated above street level, this oasis has everything from benches and plants to its own cafe. I like coming here on sunny days to sit outside and revel in the city’s warmth.

Brown Hart Gardens

Not far from Brown Hart Gardens, Mount Street Gardens is another of my favorite green spaces in Mayfair. With long lines of benches, flower beds, and sculptures, this place is a peaceful haven from the urban chaos of London.

Mount Street Gardens

Elsewhere in Mayfair, Berkeley Square and Grosvenor Square are two of the most famous of their kind in the city. Surrounded by luxurious showrooms and apartment blocks, they’re pleasant to wander through.

Bars and Pubs in Mayfair

But sometimes I’m in the mood for more than just wandering, and there’s no shortage of things to do in Mayfair when it comes to entertainment. The neighborhood has me covered with places like Mr Fogg’s Residence. It’s one of my favorite travel-themed bars in London, and always whisks me off on Phileas Fogg’s travels around the world (although I usually spend less than 80 days at a time here).

Cocktail at Mr Fogg's Residence

Just up the street, the Coach and Horses pub is one of the most attractive in London. Built in the 1770’s, it’s not only rich in history but also a joy to behold.

Coach and Horses Pub, Mayfair

Perhaps the most famous pub in Mayfair is the Punch Bowl. Formerly owned by Madonna’s ex, Guy Ritchie, this watering hole has lots of old world charm and good food to go with it. I’ve spent many an evening here with friends, and we always have a good time.

Streets and Mews in Mayfair

When I’m not wandering through parks or enjoying pubs, I’m exploring Mayfair’s streets. There are a lot of beautiful ones in this London neighborhood, from quiet mews to busy thoroughfares.

Mews in Mayfair, London

My favorite trio in the area is Avery Row, Lancashire Court, and Brook’s Mews. Nestled together off Bond Street, these little lanes are full of shops, restaurants, and cafes. I always find somewhere new when I visit, and I love the atmosphere around them.

Lancashire Court, London

Another place I enjoy exploring is Shepherd Market. This is a world within Mayfair, and feels like a self-contained village full of pubs, galleries, and coffee shops.

Shopping in Mayfair

And speaking of shops, I couldn’t write about things to do in Mayfair without mentioning the main reason many people come here. The shopping is some of the best in the city, what with it being bordered by Oxford Street to the north and Regent Street to the east.

Lancashire Court

Within the neighborhood, things get even better. Bond Street is known for its luxury goods shops, South Molton Street is a pedestrianized shopping heaven, Saville Row is known the world over for men’s tailoring, and Mount Street is mouth-watering.

South Molton Street, Mayfair

Add to that historic gems like Burlington Arcade and the Royal Arcade, and there’s beauty to be found both inside and outside the stores.


There are plenty more things to do in Mayfair, but once I’ve finished these my head is spinning from overindulgence. It’s okay though, because I know this chi chi part of the city will have new gems to reveal next time I head over.

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Things to Do in Mayfair

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  1. Thanks so much for this!! I’m looking for new places to explore outside of Russell Sqr which is where I am normally based. This inspires me more to get out of my territory!

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