A Lady in London is a global travel and lifestyle blog that is open to advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Established in August 2007, the site is over 10 years old and ranks well in search engines. It currently holds the #2 position in Google for “London travel blog”. The blog is updated a minimum of two times per week, ensuring that content is constantly fresh. A Lady in London has a strong presence in the travel and lifestyle markets, and I regularly work with PRs and marketers on paid press trips and campaigns.

You can read more below or view the full Media Kit for additional information.

Becoming an Advertiser or Sponsor

If you would like to advertise a product or service on this site, please send an email to lady [at] aladyinlondon [dot] com. I am happy to place ads and accept sponsored posts from companies that offer relevant products and services. You will benefit by reaching your core demographic and by having an association with a trustworthy site.

There are many advertising options available, including banners, sponsored posts and social media, giveaways, competitions, and campaign-related projects. Please contact me for a quote.

I also work with companies on social media campaigns and as a brand ambassador. These types of long-term partnerships have the benefit of sending a consistent message that is reinforced over time and across channels.

Site Statistics and Highlights

This website gets over 68,000 unique visitors per month. It has been ranked the #25 blog in the UK by Vuelio.

I am active in all areas of social media, including Instagram (over 126,000 followers), Twitter (over 24,500 followers), Facebook (over 10,600 fans), YouTube (over 74,400 views), Pinterest (over 11,800 followers and over 1.8 million average monthly viewers), LinkedIn (over 3,100 connections), Google+ (over 17,000 followers), and forums and online communities like Lonely Planet Pathfinders.

I have written articles for Lonely Planet, National Geographic Intelligent Travel, and other online travel websites that have all linked back to the site. Additionally, I have been interviewed on BBC London radio and in leading UK newspapers like Metro, MailOnline, and Evening Standard. You can learn more about me here.

Other Ways to Work with A Lady in London

In addition to the blog, I am a public speaker and lecturer. If you are interested in working with me, please email me at lady [at] aladyinlondon [dot] com to discuss opportunities or view the full Media Kit to learn more.