London’s bar scene is hot right now. From exciting new openings to trendy pop-ups, hidden speakeasies to hip hotel bars, Londoners are spoiled for choice when it comes to cocktails. Given my love of travel, I’ve recently scoured the city for travel themed bars in London, uncovering a number of great watering holes that transport guests to other worlds and underworlds from the convenience of our own metropolis. Here’s what I found…

Mr Fogg's Bar in London

Cahoots has rocketed to popularity since opening earlier this month, making getting a booking harder than finding an affordable flat in central London.

Cahoots Bar in London

A speakeasy in a narrow alley leading to Soho’s Kingly Court, the underground bar is also an Underground bar. Designed to look like a tube station turned World War II air raid shelter, Cahoots has every detail—from ticket offices to train carriages—covered.

Cahoots Bar in London

Not only does the bar transport me to 1946, it also takes me on a nostalgic ride on the London Underground. If only red-lipstick wearing waitresses serving vintage cocktails from a newspaper menu were a thing on the actual tube.

Cahoots Bar in London

Mr Fogg’s
Hidden away in a nook off Mayfair’s Berkely Square, the exterior of Mr Fogg’s is so subtle you’d never realize it was there. But if you make a booking and ring the bell, the door opens onto the world of Phileas Fogg, 19th century traveler extraordinaire.

Mr Fogg's Bar in London

A giant vintage hot air balloon hovers in one corner while penny-farthings and wicker birdcages hang suspended from the ceiling.

Mr Fogg's Bar in London

Shelves are lined with old books and antique globes, and the bar has enough nostalgia to transport guests to the world of Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days without making them leave the comfort of their green leather chairs.

Cocktail at Mr Fogg's Bar in London

Mr Fogg’s is one of my favorite bars in London, not just for its travel theme, but also for its cocktails. With names like The Cape of Good Hope, even the drinks inspire me to see more of the world.

Cocktail at Mr Fogg's Bar in London

The Luggage Room
Not far from Mr Fogg’s, the Luggage Room bar in the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square makes me equally nostalgic for a bygone era of travel. An unmarked entrance on the side of the hotel where guests can knock for secret admission adds a certain clandestine feel, too.

Cocktail at the Luggage Room Bar in London

Inside, brown leather chairs and walls studded with rivets are reminiscent of classic trunks that once transported their owners’ belongings on long seafaring voyages. Cocktails like the Army & Navy go down a treat when I visit the Luggage Room, and that’s to say nothing of the nuts, which they mix themselves with moreish results.

Luggage Room Bar in London

Imperial Durbar
Way down in Tooting, the Imperial Durbar makes guests travel just to be inspired to do so again. But it’s worth the journey to south London to have a tipple in this great colonial themed bar. Vintage furniture, printed wallpaper, and old maps of India combine to offer the Imperial Durbar a great ambiance in which to drink “restoratives and sharpeners for the seasoned traveler”.

Imperial Durbar Bar in London

Booking Office Bar
St Pancras International is one of London’s most beloved rail stations, not least because the trains from London to Paris, Brussels, and beyond leave from there. But the station isn’t just a departure point; it’s also a destination in itself.

Cocktails at Booking Office Bar in London

This is not least because of the Booking Office Bar in the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Set in the original station’s ticket hall, the bar not only has an amazing interior with cathedral-like Gothic architecture, but also great Victorian cocktails and punches. The bar inspires me to travel every time I set foot inside, which may be why I’m on the road so often.

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  1. Oh wow I’ve never heard of Imperial Durbar (let alone ventured down to Tooting) but the decor is right up my boyfriend’s street. I might have to go down for decor inspiration when I decorate our house! x


  2. Cahoots looks amazing! The parachute-style red and white fabric reminds us of a cafe here called Pudding. Aside from that, we love the decor and it makes us want to fly over to London and have a drink there tonight (if we can get reservations)!

  3. I remember spending about 15 minutes in the Luggage Room struggling to actually choose a cocktail from their enormous menu & then giving up & just pointing to one – it was still fantastic though.. Now to try out these other options!

  4. I’m loving that wallpaper in the Imperial Durbar, I’m a bit of a sucker for old colonial bars: something I search out when I travel. I’ve never thought to look for them in London! D’uh!

  5. Wow, such an interesting post! London definitely has some of the most curious and incredible bars in the world. I hope someday I can visit one of them! Have a nice day,

  6. Was the Imperial Durbar the one that one of the Travel Massive events were held in? If so, I’m really disappointed I missed it looking at these pics! I’d love to see the old maps of India and look for the towns my parents are from on there 🙂

  7. Good post here Julie 🙂 like the Imperial Darbar & will surely be going to it when I am down in London next. It’s always nice to see old maps of India especially going back generations. Thanks for posting once again.

  8. These travel bars (and the cocktails) look fantastic! I definitely want to visit one or two the next time I’m in London. Thanks for putting together this list.

  9. Very interesting list and haven’t been to any of these – I’m not far from Tooting so will go to the Durbar first!. My favourite ‘travel’ inspired bar is the American Bar at the Stafford Hotel. They serve the most amazing fishcakes in caper sauce!

  10. This is so cool! Great tips. I’ve only been to the Imperial Durbar (Travel Massive of course…), so will definitely need to check out the others soon. And we still need to celebrate our HB feature, so any of these bars will do 😉

  11. I LOVE your blog. I’m a newbie to it, yet recently anything I want to discover about London, you’re one step ahead! Thank you

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