I’m going to start by saying that I’m really excited to write this blog post. I love exploring London, and its side streets are my favorite places to discover. A lot of you have been asking for my recommendations for the best London mews, so I want to share my favorites with you today. I created a map, too.

London Mews

London Mews

Let’s begin with a definition. One of the questions I get asked all the time is “what is a mews?” I’ve written about that in depth in my blog post about the Royal Mews, so make sure to have a read if you want the full history. If you want to skip ahead to today, mews are some of London’s prettiest streets and they’re filled with the city’s most beautiful houses.

St Luke's Mews, London

The Best London Mews Streets

Which is why I’m so obsessed with them. These narrow lanes transport me to a cobbled pastel wonderland a million miles from the bustle and skyscrapers of the modern world. They take me back in time to a past that feels straight out of a storybook, and I love feeling like I’ve stepped into a storybook.

St Luke's Mews, London

Kensington Mews

So now for the best London mews. One of my favorite places to wander through these streets is Kensington. The neighborhood not only has a high concentration of mews, but also some of the prettiest in the city.

Kensington Mews

Kynance Mews is one of London’s most famous, and I was lucky enough to live down the street from it for years. Its houses drip with wisteria in the spring and its arches come alive with autumn colors in the fall. At other times of year the details on its facades make it worth a special trip. And that’s to say nothing of its veterinary clinic, which means there’s always a cute dog or three around.

Kynance Mews

Not far from here, Osten Mews is another of the prettiest mews in London. It winds around, splits off, has hidden nooks, and is full of colorful doors and greenery. There’s even a house covered in vines.

Osten Mews, London

Up near Kensington High Street, I love the entrance to Drayson Mews. The bright flowers and “Hairdresser” sign painted on one of the walls make for a charming scene, and I always have my camera ready when I walk by.

Drayson Mews, London

There are lots more mews in the area, and if you want to discover them I recommend taking my self-guided walk in Kensington. It will lead you through all my favorites and give you a feel for the various styles of mews in this London neighborhood.

South Kensington Mews

Not far from Kensington, there are more lovely mews to explore in South Kensington.

Reece Mews, London

The best is Cranley Mews, where Adele is rumored to have bought a house. This is one of the longest London mews I’ve come across, and its pastel facades are picture-pretty. I love that one of them has a Union Jack painted on the garage door, too.

Cranley Mews, London

Elsewhere in South Kensington, Stanhope Mews South is a gem. This tiny mews is full of beautiful details, and in the summer it comes alive with foliage from the potted plants in front of the houses.

Stanhope Mews South, London

I also like Kendrick Mews and Reece Mews, which not only share a ski-themed mural, but also feature rows of stunning period houses.

Kendrick Mews, London

And Manson Mews, which has a line of pastel homes that always puts a smile on my face.

Manson Mews, London

Princes Gate Mews is another South Kensington street with great pastels. This tri-pronged mews has three streets in one, giving me a lot to explore on every visit.

Princes Gate Mews, London

Dove Mews is another of my favorites in this London neighborhood. The purple garage doors always brighten my day and the stairway with potted plants might just be my own personal stairway to heaven.

Dove Mews, London

Holland Park Mews

Speaking of London mews with stairways, Holland Park Mews is a sight to behold. This long street is lined with houses that have stairways outside. I love the colors on the doors and how each home is unique in its own way. I also like that I spotted it in an episode of The Crown. They have good taste in filming locations.

Holland Park Mews, London

Notting Hill Mews

Near Holland Park, Notting Hill has more of the loveliest London mews. The most famous is St Luke’s Mews, which was in the movie Love Actually and has the sweetest pink house in the city. In fact, the whole street is one of the prettiest streets in London.

St Luke's Mews, London

Elsewhere, Pencombe Mews is a winding lane with pretty green doors. There’s a lot to take in as the street meanders, so I like going slowly when I’m here. Not far away, Colville Mews has lots of colorful houses in signature Notting Hill style. It’s a fun one to explore before shopping or eating on Westbourne Grove.

Flower Shop, Notting Hill

I’ve detailed more of the area’s mews in my self-guided walk in Notting Hill, so make sure to take a look if you want to find them all.

Mayfair Mews

There are additional mews to discover in the heart of Mayfair. This London neighborhood is full of secret streets, and it’s worth exploring the likes of Brook’s Mews with its many shops and restaurants. It has a different feel from the ones in other areas, and is near great streets like Avery Row and Lancashire Court.

Mews of Mayfair

Elsewhere in Mayfair, Hay’s Mews has a more residential feel to it. Pretty flower boxes on the windows add charm, and there’s a variety of houses to take in.

Other London Mews

Along those lines, there’s a range of mews to explore throughout the rest of the city. Paddington is home to the lovely Bathurst Mews, Fitzrovia boasts of Warren Mews, and Belgravia offers Halkin Mews.

Halkin Mews, London

And that’s to say nothing of other streets that don’t quite fall under the “mews” category but still resemble them. Peckham’s Choumert Square, Chelsea’s Bywater Street, Belgravia’s Groom Place, and pretty much every street in Hampstead could qualify.

Choumert Square, Peckham

Which means there’s a lot to explore. I hope this post inspires you to get out and see some of the less obvious parts of London, and that you fall more in love with this amazing city when you do. Here’s the map to help you.

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London Mews

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  1. I was aware that London is charming but I really didn’t know that there are so many wonderful streets there. Each one of these streets is just as beautiful as the others. When’s the best time of the year to explore London and beat the crowd?

  2. One of my favorite things about England is the porch gardens as I call them. Where people make beautiful still life’s out of potted plants on their steps and sidewalks. Lovely. What is the last Mews? The one that looks almost overgrown?

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