I hope you’ve enjoyed the London walks I’ve been sharing recently. Following the Hampstead and Kensington walks, today I want to continue the series with a self-guided walk in Notting Hill.

Self-Guided Walk in Notting Hill

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is full of color. One of London’s most famous neighborhoods, the area is beloved by Londoners for its bright houses and precious mews. While most visitors know Notting Hill from the eponymous film, there’s a lot more to explore than just the house with the blue door.

My favorite place in Notting Hill is Simon Close. A skinny entry opens up into robin-egg-blue houses with trellised roses and other photo-worthy facades. But there are plenty of other streets—big and small—where you can absorb the neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere.

Colorful House, Notting Hill

Self-Guided Walk in Notting Hill

This self-guided walk in Notting Hill will take you through the best of the neighborhood’s hidden streets and mews. There are lots of cafes, pubs, and restaurants along the way, so feel free to stop and absorb the area’s colors if you need a rest.

Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill

Start your walk at Notting Hill Gate tube station. Exit the station on the north side of Notting Hill Gate and walk up Pembridge Gardens to avoid the crowds on Pembridge Road. As you go, soak up some of the classic architecture of the area.

When you get to Pembridge Square, veer left until you arrive at Pembridge Road. Turn left, cross the street, and turn right on Portobello Road. This stretch of the street has lots of pastel houses to whet your appetite for the neighborhood’s famous colors.

As you continue up Portobello Road, duck into Simon Close on your right side. This secret street is full of beautiful houses.

Simon Close, Notting Hill

Back out on Portobello Road, turn right to continue north towards the market. Peer down Denbigh Close, another pretty street, as you pass by, then take a right on Denbigh Terrace. Pink and blue houses will add more color to your walk as you head down the street.

At the end, turn right on Denbigh Road, cross the street, and take your first left into the arch at the entrance to the curving Pencombe Mews. Walk until you get to the end, taking in the green doors as you do. When the mews dead ends, turn around and make your way back to Denbigh Road.

Exit the arch, turn right, and walk up to Westbourne Grove. Turn right when you get there. There are lots of great shops and restaurants here if you need a break.

Flower Shop, Notting Hill

If not, continue to Ledbury Road and turn left. One street up, turn left again on Lonsdale Road, then take your first right on Colville Mews. This mews is a delightful place to explore, with colorful houses and shops lining it as it curves around to meet Lonsdale Road again.

Cafe, Notting Hill

Once back on Lonsdale Road, turn right to continue your self-guided walk in Notting Hill. Admire the bright pink gallery on your right as you come to Colville Road, then turn right on Colville Road and left on the next street, Colville Terrace. This street has some vibrant houses and gardens to admire as you make your way back to Portobello Road.

Blue Door, Notting Hill

Once at Portobello Road, cross the street and continue straight onto Elgin Crescent. Shops and cafes will give way to more of the houses Notting Hill is known for. Make sure to look out for funky art in the front gardens while you walk.

Turn left on Rosmead Road, then right on Lansdowne Road, soaking up more of the classic architecture and gardens as you go.

St Luke's Mews, Notting Hill

Turn left on Lansdowne Rise, then left on Lansdowne Crescent to head east again. Cross Ladbroke Grove and continue on Ladbroke Gardens, turning left on Kensington Park Road. This street is a nice alternative to Portobello Road.

Walk up Kensington Park Road until you reach Westbourne Park Road. Turn right there, then left on Portobello Road. Cross the street, peek into lovely Alba Place, then take your first right on Lancaster Road. Walk down it to see the rainbow colored houses the street is known for, then turn right at the roundabout on All Saints Road.

Colorful Houses, Notting Hill

After passing the shops and cafes, your first left will take you into St Luke’s Mews. It’s perhaps the most photographed of all the mews in Notting Hill (and London, for that matter). It featured in the film Notting Hill, and its leafy mews houses epitomize the details locals love about London’s secret streets.

St Luke's Mews, Notting Hill

Explore the length of the mews, then turn right down St Luke’s Road to Westbourne Park Road. Cross the street and take your first left on Powis Mews, another photogenic street in the neighborhood.

St Luke's Mews, Notting Hill

At the end, take a left on Talbot Road and another left on Ledbury Road. This will bring you back to Westbourne Park Road. Cross over it again and take your first left on Leamington Road Villas. This leafy street with colorful doors will take you to Tavistock Road. Turn right on Tavistock Road, then left on Great Western Road, where you’ll end your self-guided walk at Westbourne Park tube station.

Time: 1.5 hours

Map of the first half of the walk: https://goo.gl/maps/7Pedg24iEFw
Map of the second half of the walk: https://goo.gl/maps/oidACnqboKJ2

Further afield: Bridstow Place, Golborne Mews (Ladbroke Grove)

I’ve written a lot more London walks and they’re all conveniently in my London walking tours blog post. There are more lovely walks outlined in London’s Hidden Walks, too. You can get it here.

Have you done a self-guided walk in Notting Hill? What were the highlights?

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Self-Guided Walk in Notting Hill

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  1. I love spending weekends doing city walks and this is so useful as Notting Hill and Portobello have been on the cards for ages. A long time ago, I’m ashamed to say i actually lived in Notting Hill but don’t think I even remotely ventured onto the side streets so me & the area have a lot to catch up on!

  2. Thanks for this. I am taking my Charity walking group to Notting Hill on 14th May and we will use your lovely route!

  3. Fantastic! My daughter is moving to London. I will find your interesting and informative guides most useful. I will be using them often

  4. I’m thinking of taking this walk when I visit London next. Will it be crowded if I do it on a Saturday? Worried about ruining the experience due to all the people who will be out to the market.

  5. Huge thanks for such a detailed walking route. I always enjoy visiting London but I’ve never knew of such beauty until I read your post. I ventured out early yesterday morning with my daughter and did the tour step by step. It was amazing!! Thanks for broadening my horizons. Super excited to share this on my Insta page.

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