Fitzrovia always gets me excited. This London neighborhood is one of my favorite places to eat, drink, and explore, and given how central it is I end up there more often than I intend to. But it’s always for a good cause—calories don’t consume and burn themselves, after all. I’ve spent so much time in the area that today I want to let you in on my favorite places. So get ready for a quick guide to Fitzrovia, London.

Fitzrovia, London

Fitzrovia, London

Bounded by Oxford Street in the south and Euston Road in the north, Fitzrovia is right smack in the middle of London. Close to the shops around Oxford Circus and cultural meccas like the British Museum, it’s the perfect place for a post-shopping meal or pre-museum coffee. And while most of the streets are wide and well worn, there are plenty of little alleys and mews ripe for exploring.

Charlotte Street Hotel, London

Fitzrovia’s Streets, Places, and Passages

I always start my meanderings on Charlotte Street, perhaps the most beloved road in all of Fitzrovia. The section between Goodge Street and Percy Street has more good restaurants per square foot than almost any other part of London. Add to that the colorful buildings and historic pub exteriors, and the place has an abundance of charm.

Charlotte Street, London

Running parallel to Charlotte Street, Whitfield Street is another neighborhood gem. North of Goodge Street the adorable Pollock’s Toy Museum brightens up the area with its friendly facade, and next door Pollock’s Theatrical Print Warehouse is so photo-worthy it draws Instagrammers from across the city.

Pollock's Toy Museum

But it’s not just streets in Fitzrovia. There are places, too. The pedestrianized lanes of Colville Place and Charlotte Place are similar in their narrow width but different in their function.

Colville Place, London

While the former features a residential row of colorful doors and overgrown plants next to the secret garden in Crabtree Fields, the latter offers a row of restaurants and cafes with good food and outdoor seating.

Charlotte Place, Fitzrovia

And that’s to say nothing of the passages. The skinny alleys of Percy Passage and Newman Passage lead from Charlotte Street to Newman Street, offering a glimpse into old London’s back lanes and their brick facades along the way. Not far from there, Marylebone Passage is another atmospheric escape from the modern city.

Marylebone Passage, Fitzrovia

Bars, Pubs, and Restaurants in Fitzrovia

But the real treat in Fitzrovia is exploring the neighborhood’s variety of restaurants, bars, and pubs. From the Aussie breakfasts at Lantana to the winning cocktails at Oskar’s Bar in Dabbous, the area has something delicious for every hour of the day.

Lantana, Fitzrovia

Speaking of, between breakfast and drinks there’s plenty to eat and imbibe. TAP has excellent coffee, Bao is my ideal lunch spot, Honey & Co is perfect for tea and cake, and afternoon tea at the Sanderson is just the thing when I’m the mood to indulge.

TAP Coffee, Fitzrovia

When evening comes, the secret bar at Crazy Bear is always a treat. But if I’m in the mood for a pub, the historic atmosphere at the Fitzroy Tavern takes me back to the days when Dylan Thomas, Augustus John, and George Orwell were denizens.

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia

And I’m quickly becoming one, too. But before I get too comfy I should remember that there’s a lot more of Fitzrovia to discover. On that note, I’m off to explore…

What do you think are the best places in Fitzrovia?

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18 Comments on Lady’s Quick Guide to London’s Fitzrovia

  1. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never visited the Theatrical Print Warehouse or Toy Museum. That’s got to change! I love the Fitzroy Tavern and adore the iron scrollwork on their sign. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who photographs it. 🙂

  2. I love all of the places you have named and am a frequent visitor to many (probably too frequent to a few of them!) but I do love Bubbledogs too

    Lovely post 🙂

    Holly x

  3. What a gorgeous colourful post, I love seeing London in all its glory. I haven’t explored much of Fitzrovia yet as I’ve yet to go past Soho but have heard incredible things about Honey & Co and Crazy Bear

  4. I loooove Fitzrovia so much! My boyfriend used to work right next to Charlotte Street and I would often meet him after work to go for dinner in one of the many amazing places around the area. Even now when he no longer works there we often find ourselves in the area for food – as you said, it’s so central which makes it so accessible (without too many crowds or tourist – win win!). I also really love the new “design” of the Fitzroy Tavern – those separate little rooms are so cute! x


  5. Wonderful posts – planning to be in London late May and this is an enormous help. Thank you.

    I post very infrequently on my website blog, but it’s very New York City (most of it) so you might enjoy, especially the earliest ones.

  6. My favourite place is Charlotte Street Hotel for an (often working) breakfast. I normally order the Eggs Royale (muffin, poached eggs, smoked salmon and hollandaise) but I’m often jealous of my friends’ French toast.

    A little hidden gem in Fitzrovia is Crabtree Fields. It’s a tiny square with a small patch of grass hidden between Whitfield St and Charlotte St but on an increasingly warm Spring day, it’s the perfect place to sit down and take 5.

  7. I had hoped to find a place to stay in Fitzrovia when my husband and 2 teenage daughters come visit for a short 3 days but couldn’t find any availability this July. We will be in Belgravia instead. What do you think about that neighborhood? Is it still central with good food and drinks? Would love a piece about that.

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