London is abuzz with Christmas. It’s also busy with last-minute Christmas shopping. Every time I venture into the heart of Oxford Street, I’m overwhelmed by crowds. But there’s a silver lining to this mayhem, and that’s the city’s seasonal decorations. For me, the best of these can be seen in London’s shopping arcades.

London Shopping Arcades at Christmas

London Shopping Arcades at Christmas

London’s main arcades are in Mayfair and St James’s. Up Bond Street and along Piccadilly, they often fly under the radar.

But during the Christmas season they come alive with lights and baubles. Seeing their festive regalia is worth a trip in itself, but the shops they hold—many of which are very traditional British ones—are worth a browse, too.

Piccadilly Arcade at Christmas

Royal Arcade

First up is the Royal Arcade. Hiding in plain sight on Bond Street, this is my favorite place to soak up the season.

Royal Arcade at Christmas

The dramatic red upper story is Christmassy in itself, but the addition of trees and garlands gives it the perfect festive touches.

Royal Arcade at Christmas

Burlington Arcade

A few steps away from the Royal Arcade, Burlington Arcade is one of the best-known London shopping arcades at Christmas and beyond.

Burlington Arcade at Christmas

I love the trees with tiny spiraling lights that line the hall. They bring a magical aura to the arcade and never fail to lure me in with their twinkling.

Burlington Arcade at Christmas

Piccadilly Arcade

Just across the road, Piccadilly Arcade is another of the prettiest shopping arcades at Christmas.

Piccadilly Arcade at Christmas

I love how the lantern lights along the domed ceiling are garlanded with baubles and bows, and that the shops are graced with wreaths.

Piccadilly Arcade at Christmas

Princes Arcade

Just down the street from Piccadilly Arcade, Princes Arcade is perhaps the most hidden of all. But those who find it are rewarded with beautiful pine garlands and an abundance of Christmas trees.

Princes Arcade at Christmas

The golden baubles and tartan bows are just the things to get me in the seasonal spirit, crowds and all. And that’s what I love so much about London at this time of year—no matter how busy it gets, there’s always enough cheer to go around.

Which is your favorite of the London shopping arcades at Christmas?

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London Shopping Arcades at Christmas

14 Comments on Lady Reveals the Loveliest London Shopping Arcades at Christmas

  1. Covent Garden has a smaller Arcade, too. I went to see the Xmas lights a few days ago. Many silver big balls hanging on the ceiling!!! My favorite!!

  2. One of my favorite things to do in London is stroll through these arcades. Nothing like them here in the states. They are special any time of the year but, decorated for the holidays….wow!

  3. Wow, I don’t know how you would pick a favorite! They are all gorgeous and definitely put one in the Christmas spirit!!

  4. Being an ex Londoner, I have happy memories of London during Christmas time, our father used to drive us up to see the lights, Regent St. Oxford St were highly decorated also all the department store windows were great.. I am originally from Streatham, South West London, now in New Zealand.. enjoy Christmas in our summer time over here….Harrods was another store highly decorated, used to work in the store.

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