Today I want to bring you some inspiration in the form of my true love: travel. After visiting 95 countries, these are my top 10 romantic travel destinations around the world.

Bouquet of Pink Roses

Romantic Travel Destinations

From Indian Ocean archipelagos to South American deserts, there’s a perfect romantic getaway for you. Whatever your taste or style, this list will help you find your ideal destination.

1. The Maldives

The islands of The Maldives are the most romantic places I have ever been to. Overwater bungalows, pink and orange sunsets, and romantic dinners in the warm Indian Ocean air make them the perfect places for a romantic getaway or honeymoon. Read my blog post about the Maldives here.

W Hotel in the Maldives

2. Venice

Steeped in history and full of narrow passageways leading to secret bridges and pretty canals, Venice is the perfect place to get lost in loveโ€”both literally and metaphorically. A starlit gondola ride is the pinnacle of romance here. Read my blog post about Venice here.

Gondolas in Venice

3. Madagascar

For the wild at heart, Madagascar is the perfect place to have a romantic adventure. From lounging on white sand beaches to feeding lemurs and diving in crystal clear water, the country’s natural highlights are both unparalleled and inspirational. Read my blog post about Madagascar here.

Beach on Tsarabanjina Island in Madagascar

4. Cyprus

The birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus is not only one of the world’s most romantic travel destinations, but also the home of love itself. Pretty coastline, mountain wineries, and delicious Mediterranean food make it the perfect place to celebrate that special someone in your life. Read my blog post about Cyprus here.

Birthplace of Aphrodite in Cyprus

5. Bali

The most romantic hotel I have ever stayed in is Hotel Tugu in Bali. Set on a black sand beach, the lush gardens and museum-like public rooms all have little tables where guests can eat at any time, making each meal feel like it could be straight out of a movie.

Hotel Tugu in Bali

6. The Atacama Desert

Chile’s Atacama Desert features spectacular mountain scenery and flamingo-studded salt flats. Horseback riding and stargazing round out the romance in a place so high it almost touches heaven. Read my blog post about the Atacama Desert here.

Flamingo in the Atacama Desert

7. The Philippines

The islands of The Philippines have the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen, and desert islands to enjoy them from. Stunning natural beauty and great diving make this the perfect romantic destination for lovers of all kinds. Read my blog post about the Philippines here.

Sunset in Panglao, Philippines

8. Carmel

There’s no place like home, and California’s coast is one of the most romantic places I’ve ever visited. Carmel’s pretty village atmosphere, wide sandy beaches, and famous local wine make it the best place to stop on a romantic drive down the state’s famous Highway 1. Read my blog post about Carmel here.

Beach in Carmel, California

9. Mozambique

Sitting like teardrops in the Indian Ocean, Mozambique’s islands are some of the remotest and most private places in the world. Like Zanzibar without tourists, they are some of the best places for a secluded romantic getaway in Africa. Read my blog post about Mozambique here.

Island in Mozambique

10. Paris

As far as cities go, Paris inspires romance like no other. The wide boulevards, world-class museums, and French joie de vivre make it one of the best cities to fall in love in…or with. Read my blog post about Paris here.

Sculpture in Paris

So how about you? What are your top romantic travel destinations?

34 comments on “Lady’s 10 Incredible Romantic Travel Destinations”

  1. Paris is definitely up there for me! I’m not a fan of heat but I would love to visit Berlin and Sweden – both romantic in my eyes! x

  2. What amazing opportunities being a travel writer opens up for you –
    How did I end up being a teacher – the most I can hope for is a visit to the local museum!!

    Emma ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. A great list of the best romantic travel destination. All are such a wonderful destination where can spend a great time with partner. Such type of destinations will be perfect for honeymoon trip.

  4. Valentine’s or no Valentine’s, a great list of exotic destinations for a bit of romance. Loved Cyprus last year, and Paris is obviously great for a romantic break. Need to save the pennies for something further afield now.

  5. Hi! Thanks for including the Philippines! I do agree that we have a destination for all kinds of lovers. That’s why I began a blog of my own on our romantic locations ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you can visit and have a good read yourself. Cheerios!


  6. Thanks for including Philippines, our country has a lot of beautiful places to explore and even romantic people get inspired to travel that is why I love traveling with my partner in our own country.

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