Following an amazing day on Lake Como, my boyfriend and I took the Eurostar to Venice last Sunday morning. And since I haven’t done a trip-by-numbers in awhile, here’s Venice by twos:

Piazza San Marco in Venice

2: Number of days in Venice, one of the most architecturally magical cities in the world.

Venetian windows in Venice

2: Number of hotels we stayed at in Venice. Hotel Danieli and Hotel Gritti Palace were both amazing, and both right on the Grand Canal.

Interior of Hotel Danieli in Venice

2: Number of hotel room upgrades we were lucky enough to get (i.e. number of upgrades my boyfriend was persistent enough to coax the hotels into giving us). Amazing suites both nights.

Exterior of Hotel Danieli in Venice

2: Number of museums we visited. Even though I had seen it twice before, the Doge’s Palace is still one of the most awe-inspiring displays of city wealth I’ve ever seen. On the more contemporary side, the Guggenheim in Venice had a great collection of Modern art and beautiful views over the Grand Canal.

Ceiling of the Doge's Palace in Venice

2: Number of amazing dinners we had. The first night was at a great restaurant near the Rialto where we ate outside in a little piazza. The second night was at Ivo, a restaurant recommended by a friend. We had great soft shell crabs, stuffed zucchini blossoms, and risotto while we watched the gondolas go by.

Soft shell crabs at Ristorante Ivo in Venice

2: Number of boat rides we took. One was a late night gondola ride through the canals, the other an afternoon ride to Cipriani for bellinis on the waterfront.

Gondolas in Venice

2: Number of evening cocktails we enjoyed from the roof deck of Hotel Danieli and the waterfront terrace of Hotel Gritti Palace. Gotta love the bellinis.

View from the roof deck of Hotel Danieli in Venice

2: Number of purchases I made in Venice. Given my hatred of shopping, it was a big deal, but I just couldn’t pass up beautiful paper goods in Vencie. I came home with two beautiful journals, and my boyfriend even bought one too.

Piazza San Marco in Venice

2: Time I arrived at work on Tuesday afternoon after our 7:10am flight turned into a 2pm flight, which got re-booked to an 11:25am flight.

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  1. ah, Venezia, also following stays on Como and Garda. We were headed for Trieste where I went to school 1955-56. Again, see a few pix to compliment yours on my picasaweb page. We must have stood on the very same spot to snap the island from Piazza San Marco.

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