Britain isn’t exactly synonymous with romance. I’ve dreamed of romantic getaways in Paris, but not so much in Manchester. That said, over the years I’ve discovered that the country has its share of romantic travel destinations if you know where to look. So today I’ve put together a list of the 8 most romantic places in the UK.

Most Romantic Places in the UK

Most Romantic Places in the UK

From Scottish islands to English country retreats, there’s no shortage of places to find love. So whatever your travel style or idea of romance, this list should help you find the perfect spot.

Whether you’re looking for UK city breaks for couples, romantic Valentine’s breaks, or something else, there’s a destination for you.

Romantic Cottage in Burford, Cotswolds

1. Isle of Ewe

When I first heard of Scotland’s Isle of Ewe, I thought of sheep. This isn’t such a bad thing, as sheep are pretty much the cutest things in the world. But if there’s one thing better than sheep, it’s love (most of the time, anyway).

Which is why I thought it was pretty amazing when I said “Isle of Ewe” out loud and realized it sounded just like “I love you”. Try it. See?

I’m not the only one to have discovered this, either. The Isle of Ewe is a famous place for marriage proposals, weddings, and good old fashioned amorous declarations.

Sheep in the UK

2. The Cotswolds

With picture-pretty cottages and impossibly beautiful villages, the Cotswolds have the UK market for fairy-tale beauty cornered.

Nothing says romance like a fairy tale (or have I seen too many Disney movies?), so the Cotswolds make a perfect romantic getaway.

It’s hard to go wrong here, but some of my favorite places in the area are Bibury, Upper Slaughter, and Painswick. They’re some of the most beautiful places in the UK.

There are a lot of romantic National Trust Cotswolds houses to visit, too. Some have even been filming locations for love-inspired movies and TV shows.

Straw Heart in the Cotswolds, UK

3. Isles of Scilly

Way out west, the Isles of Scilly are home to some of the most romantic places in the UK. Just off the coast of Cornwall, the remote archipelago feels like it’s straight out of the Caribbean.

But even though the islands have turquoise water and sandy beaches, the landscapes are distinctly British. They feature lush gardens, coastal paths, and the odd red phone box popping up to say hello.

Tresco Abbey Gardens, Isles of Scilly

4. Derbyshire

If there’s one thing that says romance in Britain, it’s a good Jane Austen novel.

And there’s no better place to channel your inner Elizabeth Bennet (she’s the heroine of Pride and Prejudice, but you knew that) than the place where she and Mr. Darcy finally fall in love.

Derbyshire is home to many filming locations for movies adapted from Jane Austen’s novels, including the famous Chatsworth House and the beautiful peaks in the surrounding area.

This part of Britain is not only one of the most romantic places in the UK, it’s also one of my top picks for romantic weekend getaways in Europe.

Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

5. Vineyards of Kent

Being Californian, I’m used to attending winery weddings. From Sonoma to Paso Robles, Santa Barbara to Mendocino, wineries in the state host weddings almost every weekend.

But here in England I discovered I don’t have to travel all the way home just to experience a little romance among the vines.

Over in Kent, beautiful English wineries with seriously good sparkling wines offer all the romance without the hassle of airport security (and 11-hour flights!).

There’s plenty of bubbly in Kent for those in need of liquid courage before saying Isle of Ewe. I mean, I love you.

Winery Garden in Kent, UK

6. Causeway Coastal Route

Quality time together is a great way to express affection, and a road trip is just the way to do it.

Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coastal Route has been rated one of the top five road trips in the world, placing it among the most romantic places in the UK.

Along the way are gorgeous coves, stunning seascapes, and lots of spots to pull over and soak up the scenery.

Nearby is the Bushmills Irish Whiskey distillery, too, so once again you’re not far from something to loosen your tongue (substantially!). This stuff is strong, so drink with care if you don’t want to get carried away and accidentally propose. Awkward.

Causeway Coastal Route, UK

7. Brecon Beacons National Park

Out in Wales, Brecon Beacons National Park is known for its lush green hills and secret little waterfalls. It’s the perfect place to wander down secluded trails and sneak a cheeky kiss.

There are lots of sheep around, too. They’re cute and cuddly and exude love, so this is pretty much the perfect romantic travel destination.

Waterfall, Brecon Beacons

8. London

Surprise! London is on my list of the most romantic places in the UK.

But before you roll your eyes and accuse me of including the capital just because I run a London blog, take a look at my blog posts about the 14 most romantic places in London, the best Valentine’s Day ideas for London, and the most romantic things to do in London.

If you’re not convinced after that, let the eye roll commence. But I think you’ll find that this city can be pretty good at putting people in the mood for love when it wants to. And it always seems to want to.

London Skyline

Romantic Places in the UK

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of the most romantic places in the UK. There are more to discover around the country, and as you travel I’m sure you’ll find them in abundance.

If you’re looking for inspiration beyond Britain, you can see more ideas in my top romantic travel destinations blog post. Here’s to love!

What do you think are the most romantic places in the UK? Please share!

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Most Romantic Places in the UK

14 Comments on Lady’s 8 Most Romantic Places in the UK

  1. If there were to be a 9th place on this list, I would definitely recommend the North York Moors! Not only do you have the moors to wander in (Heathcliffe and Cathy style) there’s also the beautiful coastline.

  2. I would love to visit the Cotswolds again. Last time we took the car, but since I don’t have one now, I’ve to rely on public transport. Still worth it you think? Do you know if it’s hard to get around there by public transport only? Any tours you can recommend? So many questions! Sorry about that 😉

  3. Just wanted to say how much I love your blog! I’ll be in London next year studying my Masters and I will definitely get recommendations of things to do here to make the most of my year. 🙂

  4. I had never heard of Ewe but clearly its name is unbeatable! I would just like to add that the Slaughters in the Cotswolds are a hundred times more lovely than they sound. May I also suggest floating on a punt in Cambridge, strolling a deserted beach in North Norfolk, or spending the night in one of Scotland’s many castles?

  5. Hi Julie,

    I am so glad I have found your blog – there is so much interesting information here! Love this post,great tips, and I agree that London truly deserves to be named as one of UK’s most romantic places! I am lucky to live here 🙂 By the way, I travelled to San Francisco a couple of years ago and I loved it so much, such a beautiful city!

    I have subscribed so will keep updated on your future adventures and tips! thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes,


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