London is constantly evolving. Every time I walk through the City, there are five new skyscrapers and countless cranes. But it’s not the only place that’s seen big building works recently. Many London neighborhoods have. Earls Court, London’s most extreme example, is at the beginning of a multi-decade urban redevelopment project that will change its character forever. So now’s a good time to explore.

Earls Court London

Earls Court, London

On the western edge of central London, Earls Court is best known for being a popular place for visitors to stay (there’s a hotel on every corner) and for having the most confusing tube station in the city (why I do I always end up on the wrong branch of the District Line?).

Earls Court Tube Station, London

But despite its convenient location near the museums in South Kensington, Earls Court isn’t always an obvious place for me to meet friends or discover more of London.

Which is too bad, because there are a lot of things to do and places to go in the area.

Earls Court, London

Earls Court Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars, for example. While the high street can be a bit hit-or-miss, there are staples like Franco Manca, the beloved and oh-so-reasonably-priced pizza restaurant everyone adores.

Earls Court, London

Or all the pubs in the area, which somehow seem to have cornered the market on inspiring facades and ye-olde-England signs.

Earls Court Pub, London

And let’s not forget The Troubadour. The iconic cafe and live music venue is one of the most beloved places in Earls Court.

Not only have the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Adele performed there, but there’s also a great ambiance in the rustic restaurant upstairs.

The Troubadour, London

On the newer end of things, Earls Court has one of the best secret bars in London. Evans & Peel Detective Agency is a proper speakeasy, complete with an unmarked entrance, passwords, and false identities. Oh, and good cocktails.

It adds a nice bit of east London’s edge and excitement to this normally subdued part of the city.

House in Earls Court, London

Earls Court Mews and Gardens

Away from the commercial side of the neighborhood, Earls Court also has lovely streets and squares. The area’s colorful houses are some of the brightest in London, and there are a lot of little mews streets to get lost in.

I particularly like the pastel houses and colorful doors on Child’s Street. The ones on Redfield Lane, Kenway Road, and Wallgrave Road are great, too. And Spear Mews is just lovely.

House in Earls Court, London

That’s to say nothing of the gardens. Like most of the city’s big gardens, only the people that live around them have access.

But there’s still plenty to see for those of us with noses small enough to stick through the bars. And what we see are beautiful trees, colorful flowers, and pretty gazebos. Swoon.

Pastel House in Earls Court, London

Earls Court in the Future

There’s certainly enough to discover in Earls Court to merit a trip, and now’s the time to go.

The famous Earls Court Exhibition Centre that played host to concerts by Michael Jackson and David Bowie has been demolished, and the 7-phase, 77-acre redevelopment project that is slated to last until 2032 is heating up.

Pink Buildings in Earls Court, London

Whether Earls Court will be better or worse after the work is completed is up to each individual to decide. But regardless of opinion, it will soon be a very different London neighborhood.

What are your favorite places in Earls Court, London?

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Earls Court London

24 Comments on Lady’s Earls Court, London Guide

  1. I always stay in Earl’s Court/Gloucester Road whenever I visit London (very convenient from Heathrow). My favorite place to eat is a gastropub called The Pembroke (next door to Troubadour), and even though I can’t go beyond the gate, I love strolling by Barkston Gardens (the one with the pretty gazebo). Exciting to hear about the new changes to the neighborhood!

  2. I always stay in the Earl’s Court/Gloucester Rd. area when I’m in town. I like staying at the K&K Hotel George just off Earl’s Court Rd -great rooms, full breakfast and lovely yard/garden out back. Only a two minute walk to the Tube. One of the nicest things to do around here is take a walk from Earl’s Court Rd. to Gloucester Rd.- lots of buildings with great character and lovely little gardens.

    • Nice! Funny about that hotel…some friends of mine stayed there and really didn’t like it. I guess maybe it depends on your taste and experience. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay there!

  3. I love Evans & Peel. I used to live in West Kensington and by chance I found one of my favourites places for a Sunday roast-The Pembroke, in Old Brompton Road. The roast is amazing (even the vegetarian option), it’s good for watching matches and they also have a nice wee outdoor area.

  4. the second hotel i stayed in, during my visit to London last october/november, was located round the corner from the tube station. it was an awful hotel, sadly. And arriving to earl’s court after spending a gorgeous week in Notting Hill was kind of a shocking disappointment xD but still, each area of London is lovely and interesting in its own right. I fell in love with history and architecture in every street!

  5. Nostalgia sent me on this website, looking for pictures of Earls Courts. I stayed there around 13 years ago and I knew Earls Court very well.. Sometimes, still feel the need to go there,. Each time I go there, my heart beats not that I like Earl’s Court but because I met my first true love there, an Australian man, original, charismatic that no one could forget.
    Used to go to the big Tesco (now, I eat only organic and local food). I met my best friend there also.
    A.T from France.

  6. Just arrived in Earls Court from Virginia, USA to visit our son and his wife. There is so much to see and do and your blog is very helpful. Can’t wait to start exploring!!🌺

  7. My first flat in London was in Earl’s Court in the early 1980s. I’ve enjoyed a recent revisit, walking the shady and quiet neighbourhoods off the main roads. I hope the changes are all for the good.

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