When I first moved to London, I fell in love with the big buildings. From the Great Court of the British Museum to the glassy dome of the Gherkin, I was smitten. But over the years my interest in the obvious architectural attractions has given way to an obsession with the secret little ones. I’ve found myself increasingly intrigued by London’s houses, as anyone that has seen my Instagram feed knows. My photos have gotten such a good reception that I’ve realized I’m not alone in loving the city’s undiscovered treasures. As such, today I reveal the prettiest houses in London.

Colorful Row of Houses in Chelsea

Over the last couple years, I’ve discovered I have an innate pink detector. Whenever I come within a mile of a pink house, I seem to sense it and seek it out. The benefit is that I’ve photographed some of the pinkest, prettiest houses in London, and this one in a South Kensington mews is my favorite. Look at that heart!

Mews House in South Kensington

This one in nearby Earls Court isn’t too shabby either.

Pink House in Earl's Court

And I love this house in Primrose Hill.

Colorful House in Primrose Hill

Another of the things that makes a house stand out for me is its contrast with the ones around it. This lovely red house in Twickenham caught my attention by being a bright light among rather subdued surroundings. It’s an amazing dwelling in its own right, but made even more eye-catching by its isolation among less stand-out neighbors. And that hedge…

Pretty House in Twickenham

Sometimes it’s not just one house, though. The combination of several houses in a row can really make a statement if they’re color coordinated or just fit well together. There are great examples of this in the squares of Primrose Hill…

Colorful Houses in Primrose Hill

Colorful Houses in Primrose Hill

…the little lanes of Hampstead

Pretty Houses in Hampstead

…and the mews streets of Kensington.

Mews in Kensington

Oh, and seemingly every street in Notting Hill.

Colorful Houses in Notting Hill

Colorful House in Notting Hill

But a pretty house wouldn’t be complete without a lovely door, and this one in Pimlico is the best I’ve come across in my explorations. The colors themselves are cheerful, and the purple exterior wall really makes it come alive.

Colorful Door in Pimlico

It’s not just color that catches my eye, either. Some of the prettiest houses in London are the most understated. This little group in Chiswick is one of the loveliest I’ve spotted, not least for its muted beauty and rustic surroundings.

Pretty Houses in Chiswick, London

And then there are the quirky houses in London. When I lived in Hampstead, I loved walking by the Admiral’s House, with its whitewashed shell and wide windows. Equally exciting was the house with a ship’s figurehead in the shape of a mermaid sticking out the front wall.

Admiral's House, Hampstead

Above all, the houses that really put a smile on my face are those so encumbered by their gardens’ imperial overstretch that it’s hard to see them. There are plenty of these peek-a-boo types in London in all seasons, from leafy Hampstead in summer…

Pretty House in Hampstead

…to wisteria-laden Kensington in spring.

House with Wisteria in Kensington

And don’t get me started on my obsession with autumn draping its colors over the walls of London’s mews houses.

Mews House in Kensington

These beauties may not have the stature of the Shard or the fame of the Natural History Museum, but they are what make London a truly unique and beautiful city to me.

What do you consider the prettiest houses in London? Have you spotted any good ones?

46 Comments on Lady Reveals the Prettiest Houses in London

  1. Oh, London. It really is an Instagrammer’s dream, isn’t it? I love walking through Notting Hill – I’ve seen all the rows of candy-hued houses a hundred times but the sight never gets old! I’ll have to go explore some more of the areas you’ve listed x

  2. Thank you for these images. I moved back to the States, after 5-plus years in Hampstead, twenty-six years ago, and I’m still homesick for it. There is a surprise around every corner. That’s true for all of London, actually.
    Do you take requests for blog subjects? There are a couple of favorite places that I would love to see through your eyes and camera.

  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE this post!! These houses are just gorgeous, I wish I could rewind the clock to when I used to live in Notting Hill and South Ken when all this was on my doorstep and I did not even remotely even appreciate or notice it! I really want to go and hunt these down to see how pretty they must look in person 🙂

    • Thanks! Glad you like it. I agree about wanting to go back to places I’ve lived before. I loved living in Hampstead, but I still wish I could walk around the little streets there again!

  4. I love this post! London sure has photogenic streets. I particularly love the Notting Hill and South Kensington areas, as well as Primrose Hill. Kynance Mews, Queen Anne’s Gate, Colville Terrace and Hillgate Place are some of my favourites streets to photograph.

  5. Wow! Not only are these houses amazing but so is your photography! Could you let me know what camera you use or any recommended ones? I’d love to have your tips and feedback too! x

  6. This is one of my favourite posts of yours, for sure. All the photos you showed are wonderful, but I’ve always had a really soft spot for those tiny mews streets. A little mews cottage is a long way up my list of lottery dreams!

  7. A very interesting read. There are houses that i’ve seen that are just amazing in London, even though London is turning into a futuristic city. a sight of a classic house in London refreshes your eyes.

  8. These are surely the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen. What colors! Wonderfully captured. Great work! Would love to see more such things.

  9. The colourful house in Pimlico is my favourite. How I wished I lived in London. Thanks so much for the pictures they are amazing.

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