I’m obsessed with doors. Everywhere I go in London the doors I come across represent the undiscovered. I wonder what’s behind them and what stories they would reveal if opened. I’ve been sharing a lot of photos of doors on Instagram lately, and from the comments it seems many others share my passion. As such, today I bring you the prettiest doors in London.

Prettiest Doors in London

Prettiest Doors in London

I’ve found these doors all over the city, from Greenwich in the east to Chiswick in the west. They’ve caught my eye as I’ve wandered London’s side streets, whether for their colors, details, or adornments.

Doors in Hampstead

Colorful Doors in London

For me, the prettiest doors in London are the brightest. Yellow, blue, or pink, I love a colorful door. These two in Ladbroke Grove‘s Golborne Mews check that box perfectly.

Doors in Ladbroke Grove, London

I also love this pink one in De Beauvoir Town.

Doors in De Beauvoir Town, London

And this blue one on Royal Hill in Greenwich.

Door in Greenwich, London

Speaking of blue, this one just off Earls Court Road is lovely in the springtime.

Door in Earls Court, London

Beyond the doors themselves, I like how this red one near Brick Lane in Spitalfields spreads its color all over the building.

Door in Spitalfields, London

And how this yellow one just off the King’s Road in Chelsea plays with contrasts.

Door in Chelsea, London

Twin Doors in London

It’s not just single doors, either. I’m always impressed when I see neighbors painting their doors bright colors, and I’ve long admired these twins in Hampstead.

Doors in Hampstead, London

Their counterparts by Fuller’s Brewery in Chiswick make me happy, too.

Doors in Chiswick, London

I smiled when I stumbled upon “his” and “hers” doors in King’s Cross.

Doors in King's Cross, London

And when I discovered these on a side street in Kentish Town.

Doors in Kentish Town, London

Delightfully Overgrown Doors in London

Some doors aren’t just painted, they’re also hiding under gardens with imperial overstretch. This one on Hampstead’s Well Walk always makes me smile (and wonder how the residents open it).

Door in Hampstead, London

I could stare at this one Kensington‘s Kynance Mews all autumn.

Door in Kensington, London

And in spring, I go out of my way to walk by this one on Abingdon Road in Kensington.

Door in Kensington, London

Detailed Doors in London

Beyond gardens, some of the prettiest doors in London are those adorned with details. I’m always delighted when I take the time to look out for them. Like when I caught a glimpse of the scissors on this door knocker on St Luke’s Road in Notting Hill.

Door Notting Hill, London

Or when I noticed the saying on this door in St Luke’s Mews nearby.

Door in St Luke's Mews, London

And my face lit up when I first came across the ironwork on this door on Kensington’s Canning Place.

Door in Kensington, London

Garage Doors in London

It’s not just front doors, though. Londoners have gotten creative with their garage doors, too. I love these green ones in Battersea, and how they look under the foliage.

Doors in Battersea, London

And that’s to say nothing of these purple ones in South Kensington‘s Dove Mews.

Doors in South Kensington, London

But I think these patriotic garage doors in nearby Cranley Mews are the best.

Doors in South Kensington, London

Business Doors in London

Beyond homeowners, London businesses are having fun with their doors. My favorite is the flower-garlanded entrance to Peggy Porschen in Belgravia.

Peggy Porschen, London

And I admire the work that went into this colorful facade in Marylebone.

Door with Ribbons in Marylebone, London

Over in Shoreditch, I smiled when I walked into The Crown and Shuttle’s beer garden to find this one staged to perfection.

Door in Shoreditch, London

But if I had to give an award for the prettiest door in London, it would be this one in Pimlico. I bet it would reveal some lovely secrets.

Door in Pimlico, London

How about you? What do you think are the prettiest doors in London?

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Prettiest Doors in London

28 Comments on Lady Reveals the Prettiest Doors in London

  1. Yes, those assortment of doors are very interesting and “pretty”. I just got back from a month in Europe and took photos of 650 doors in Barcelona, Aix-en-Provence, Firenze, Siena, Pisa, Milano and Venezia, and the can easily say that the door in Europe tell an important part of the story of the building they provide the portal into. I am a practicing architect here in California and would say that we here in the States need to learn the lesson of the doors of Europe. So much personality there, very little here. My favorites are in the older Italian and French town, where the age and patina of the door is in many ways prideless. Viva la porta!

  2. So colourful! I love all the pastels and you really do need those bright pops with London’s weather. You could probably do a similar series in Dublin – I remember noticing all the colourful doors when I visited last year. πŸ™‚

  3. I love your article! Especially the door in Pimlico! I went through the “charming” London so many times and I never found this door! I’m so jealous haha! 😁 Happy new year!

  4. Wow, London really does have some amazing buildings. I especially love the rustic looking ones hiding in a sea of more pristine houses. Thanks for sharing!

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