Shoreditch has changed. When I first moved to the UK it was the edgiest London neighborhood. Now gentrification has set in and the hipsters have moved north. But there’s still a lot going on in the area, and if you’re as interested in seeing the changes as I’ve been, today I bring you my guide to Shoreditch, London.

Guide to Shoreditch, London

Guide to Shoreditch, London

I’ve always associated Shoreditch with the Old Street Roundabout. Formerly a bleak spot on the London map, this part of the neighborhood has seen a number of more attractive buildings go up in recent years. Add to that hip pop-up shops in the tube station in its core, and the doughnut of depression has become a circle of new life.

Street Art in Shoreditch, London

Down the road, Old Street itself retains its colorful street art as it leads into the heart of the area. The junction with Great Eastern Street always has something new on the corner, complete with tables spilling into the sidewalk.

Outdoor Tables in Shoreditch, London

Great Eastern Street itself is perennially full of new restaurants and cafes, and Rivington Street remains a mainstay of trendy shops and bars.

Rivington Street, London

Up north, Hoxton Square retains its cool vibe despite chain restaurants moving in. Underground bars like Happiness Forgets have helped uphold its atmosphere even after the closure of the famous White Cube gallery.

Hoxton Square, London

Over on Shoreditch High Street and up Kingsland Road there’s always somewhere to check out. Whether it’s a street food market or a new-to-me Vietnamese restaurant, I never fail to find something delicious.

Street Food Market in Shoreditch

And that’s to say nothing of the side streets and museums. Walking around Arnold Circus feels like stepping back in time, and visiting the Geffrye Museum—which has recreated British domestic interiors from 1600 to the present—is literally doing so.

Arnold Circus, London

Redchurch Street is a happy medium between big and small, what with it being a side street with lots of shops and places to eat. It might be the biggest sign of Shoreditch’s gentrification, though, with J.Crew and other mainstream stores having moved in recently.

Redchurch Street, London

But perhaps that’s inevitable in a city like London, where things are always changing and neighborhoods reinventing themselves. I’m sure in another 10 years Shoreditch will look different again, but if it keeps the hip vibe it’s managed to retain over the last 10 I’m sure it will still be a place worth exploring.

Have you spent time here? What would you include in a guide to Shoreditch, London?

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Guide to Shoreditch, London

12 Comments on Lady’s Hip Guide to Shoreditch

  1. I grew up in Shoreditch over 30 years ago so it is very strange going back and seeing all the changes but I suppose this is happening all over London. I haven’t been to the Geffrye museum since I was a child but I’m going to make the effort to go there this summer 🙂

  2. i lived in this area for 6 years and I love it! I know it can be the butt of a few jokes, the “hipster haters” love a good dig at Shoreditch. But it’s truly one of the most eclectic and exciting areas of London. Things change so rapidly, there’s always a new cafe, bar or restaurant to try out and I love all the little night markets and pop up events too. If anyone is visiting London for the first time I tell them to escape the westend tourist bubble and head east to see the real beating heart of London.

  3. I just love the Geffrye Museum! Such an amazing place. The building and the parc are gorgeous. The museum itself is a step back in times. And it’s free so I never miss the opportunity to pop in every time I’m in London.
    Also when in the neighbourhood, I usually book a table at Dishoom in the verandah! ☺️

  4. Ah gotta love Shoreditch! Once walked out at Old Street and one of the pop up shops was just a full blown jazz bar with a 5-piece band taking it away! Also my favourite museum in London – the Dennis Severs House!

  5. I recently visited London for the first time and absolutely loved it! Shoreditch was perhaps my favorite area. This is a great guide and I’ll definitely use it next time I’m in the area!

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