One of the best things about London is that each neighborhood has its own personality. No matter what mood I’m in there’s an area to suit it. And not just in the city center, either. Some of the most exciting London neighborhoods are outside Zone 1. If you want to dig deeper into the city’s character, here are 11 under-the-radar London neighborhoods for you to explore.

Under-the-Radar London Neighborhoods

Under-the-Radar London Neighborhoods

No matter your personality, there’s a perfect London neighborhood for you. There are pockets of greenery, places of history, sweet boutiques, and lovely streets all across the city. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Saturday market or a pretty mews, a quirky artists’ colony or a leafy park, you’ll find them in theses 11 villages.

Muswell Hill, London

South End Green
South End Green is one of my favorite parts of London. Right on the edge of Hampstead Heath, this hidden spot is brimming with restaurants and cafes. There’s an excellent pub on seemingly every corner, many of which have great beer gardens for sunny days. There’s even a Daunt Books and a secret garden here, which make the neighborhood a little slice of heaven.

South End Green, London

South of the river, Dulwich features a mix of pretty shops and edgy street art in one eclectic under-the-radar London neighborhood. The famous picture gallery drew me in for a first visit, and I stuck around for East Dulwich’s entertainments on Lordship Lane. From North Cross Road market to antiques shops full of treasures, this area is a fun place to spend a day.

Dulwich, London

Best known for its annual tennis championships, Wimbledon is also a great place to walk around during the off-season. With its welcoming common and lovely high street, it’s the perfect place to play on a sunny afternoon in London.

Wimbledon, London

Ladbroke Grove
Just north of Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove hovers in its neighbor’s oversized shadow. But it’s worth a visit, if only for the vibrant shops and market on Golborne Road. I love exploring the neighborhood’s side streets, too. Golborne Mews has some of the most colorful doors in London.

Golborne Mews, London

Twickenham is best known for rugby, but the neighborhood has a lot more to it than just the famous stadium. From traditional riverside pubs like The White Swan to quirky artists’ colonies like the one on Eel Pie Island, Twickenham offers an amazing range of entertainments.

Eel Pie Island, London

Fulham is known to Londoners, but less so to visitors. It’s worth a trip for its colorful houses, attractive shops, and beloved pubs. From the stores on New King’s Road and Fulham Road to the White Horse pub on Parsons Green (call it the Sloaney Pony if you want to sound like a local), there’s a lot to love. And that’s to say nothing of Fulham Palace, which is a delightful place to walk around.

Houses in Fulham, London

Muswell Hill
Up in north London, Muswell Hill is tricky to get to by public transport, but worth the effort. Of all the under-the-radar London neighborhoods, this might be the most hidden. A trip is in order to see its pretty streets, admire the views from the Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally to the locals), and soak up the atmosphere around Muswell Hill Broadway.

Muswell Hill, London

Out west, Richmond is known to Londoners but often feels far away. I love visiting for its mix of beautiful side streets, riverside pubs, and expansive parks. From Waterloo Place to Brewers Lane, the back streets are full of delightful surprises, and Richmond Park is the perfect place to get away from the urban intensity of London.

Richmond, London

Not far from Richmond, Chiswick has a similar feel to it. With a bustling high street that keeps me entertained for hours to the beautiful gardens around Chiswick House, it’s a great part of London to escape to.

Chiswick, London

Stoke Newington
Stoke Newington is another part of London that’s not served by the tube but is worth the effort to visit. From the relaxing expanse of Clissold Park to the bright shops and restaurants along Newington Church Street, the neighborhood is a great day out.

Stoke Newington, London

Hampstead is my favorite neighborhood in London. The village is straight out of a storybook, and every street charms. I’ve been to Hampstead a million times, but I always find something more to love about it. Given a new farmers’ market opens in the neighborhood tomorrow, I’m sure I will find more to love on my next trip.

Hampstead, London

How about you? What are your favorite under-the-radar London neighborhoods?

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Under the Radar London Neighborhoods

36 Comments on Lady’s 11 Under-the-Radar London Neighborhoods

  1. Love this post! I only lived in London for a couple of months but made a point of exploring the different neighbourhoods whenever I had a few hours to spare. I totally agree on your selection to the extend I’ve been to these places myself (which is not the case for all of them, sadly). This gives me a lot of inspiration for my next trip back!

  2. Love this! I lived in Strawberry Hill for a couple of years, which was beautiful. I always loved going to Hackney Village as well – it feels so separate to London but so near Victoria Park. I love London’s diverse neighbourhoods.

  3. I think I spend most of my time walking around Hampstead. Mostly because I live 10 minutes away (by train) so it’s close, but second is because it has a certain charm, i would love to own a nice house over there (oh, and I aslo go for the besssst ice cream, i love the ice cream! and the famous crepes)

  4. I live in Stoke Newington and absolutely love the atmosphere! There´s new places in the area you need to see like the Woodberry Wetlands that opened some months ago and are an absolute oasis. It´s well worth a one day trip to enjoy this area, especially if you visit also visit the West Reservoir Centre (if you want to go sailing, kayaking or open water swimming) and “The Castle”, the impressive climbing centre that was built inside an old pumping station. There´s lots of things to do and see in this area.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I think that everyone can find a place for themselves in London, that’s why I love this city. And there are so many places that need “re-discovering”!

  6. I live in Stoke Newington and agree its a gem – so many wonderful and varying restaurants and pubs, local shops, cute cafes, and Clissold Park – it’s a great area.

  7. Love it, thanks for sharing! If you are looking for another hood to explore then come to Wapping 🙂 I might be biased but it’s my favourite spot in London x

  8. One of my favourite London neighbourhoods in Highgate, where I lived for a year. It’s like the more serious, less showy, older (but smaller) sister of Hampstead. It is quite under the radar, and it feels like residents like it that way. Hampstead Heath is still accessible from it, walking; and Waterlow Park is a dream for running. The Flask pub down the high street is also lovely. I also liked Barnes, in southwest London, which comes under the radar because it doesn’t have a tube station – but as one resident who I stayed with there said, that ‘keeps the riff raff out’.

  9. Barnes and Mortlake! Great village feel and yet so close to London! Great independent shops snd gastro pubs, and right on the river!

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