One of the best things about moving to south London is that I’ve had a chance to explore a lot of London neighborhoods I’ve never been to before. From Herne Hill to Honor Oak Park, I’ve spent my free time discovering new-to-me parts of the city. One of the ones I’ve fallen in love with is East Dulwich.

East Dulwich

East Dulwich

As the name implies, East Dulwich sits in southeast London, pretty much due south of the City of London and The Shard.

East Dulwich

With a high street full of independent shops, good local pubs, a tree-studded green, and lots of colorful doors, the neighborhood has a distinctly village feel.

Bookshop in East Dulwich

While not on the tube, East Dulwich is accessible via a quick train journey from London Bridge (and even better connections via Overground and rail to nearby Peckham Rye station).

East Dulwich

And once you’re here, it’s hard not to fall in love with the place.

Lordship Lane, East Dulwich

First, Lordship Lane is full of surprises.

Lordship Lane, East Dulwich

From colorful street art to fishmongers and cheesemongers (there are two cheesemongers!), there’s always something to catch my eye or pique my nose.

Cheese Shop in East Dulwich

There’s an independent bookshop, a cool cinema, several stores specializing in succulents (so hot right now), and enough coffee shops and cafes to keep me coming back for a regular caffeine-and-cake fix.

Shop in East Dulwich

North Cross Road, East Dulwich

Just off Lorship Lane, North Cross Road is home to even more independent shops and restaurants (including another bookshop, yay!).

Street Art in East Dulwich

But what I really love about this street is its vibrant Saturday market.

North Cross Road Market in East Dulwich

The North Cross Road Market features everything from sizzling street food to antique chairs and artisan knitwear. It’s a great place to wander on a weekend morning to take in the scene and get to know the neighborhood.

North Cross Road Market

Street Art in East Dulwich

Another great way to get to know this area is to discover its art. East Dulwich is one of the host neighborhoods of the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery, a collection of murals painted by celebrated street artists who base their works on Baroque paintings in the nearby Dulwich Picture Gallery, England’s oldest public art gallery.

Street Art in East Dulwich

That means there’s impressive street art all over the area. Famous artists like Stik have left their mark here, and it’s fun to stumble upon different artworks while walking around Lordship Lane.

Street Art in East Dulwich

My favorite piece of street art in East Dulwich is on Spurling Road. It’s a huge Conor Harrington mural of two Baroque-era men boxing, and it takes up the side of an entire building. There are a lot of other exciting works around the area, too.

Street Art in East Dulwich

Side Streets in East Dulwich

In fact, there are a lot of details to catch the eye in this part of London in general. Given I love exploring side streets, I always make sure to wander down a few.

Houses in East Dulwich

I love the row of colorful houses and buildings on Crawthew Grove, some with pastel facades and others with geometric shapes painted all over them.

Colorful Building in East Dulwich

And that’s to say nothing of Crystal Palace Road, which has some lovely doors and inviting pubs. In fact, a lot of the side streets in East Dulwich are hiding local cafes and shops. It’s always fun to stumble upon them when I’m out for a walk.

Figaro in East Dulwich

Which is why I’ll keep exploring south London in my free time. There are so many places to discover here, and every time I walk around I find somewhere new to get me excited about the area. I hope you feel the same way if you get a chance to see this part of the city.

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East Dulwich

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