Today I want to share my 5 day London itinerary with you. This is a great amount of time to spend in the UK capital. It will allow you to see the big London landmarks and attractions, explore local areas, and take a day trip while you’re at it. Read on for my guide.

5 Day London Itinerary

5 Day London Itinerary

I’ve been sharing my recommendations for the best London itineraries on the A Lady in London blog for a while. From 1 day to 4, I’ve written about the best ways to see the city in whatever amount of time you have.

You’ve told me you like them, so today I’m going to share my 5 day London itinerary. I hope it helps you plan your trips.

5 days is a great amount of time to see London and travel a bit further afield. I recommend starting with my itinerary for 4 days in London and adding a day trip.

There are amazing places to explore within an hour or two of London, and no matter what your interests are or what time of year you visit, there’s a perfect day trip for you.

V and A Museum, London

Day Trips from London

If you’re traveling to London in a particular season and want to take a day trip that’s a good fit for the time of year, I’ve written guides to the best day trips from London in summer, winter, spring, and autumn.

If you’re more concerned about taking a day trip that suits your interests, I’ve written about 15 day trips from London tailored to your preferences. Whether you want legendary castles or picturesque seaside, you’ll find somewhere to love.

Shakespeare Building, Stratford upon Avon

I’ve also published blog posts about day trips from London by train and day trips from London by car. They’re great if you have a specific mode of transportation in mind.

I’ve written about more general day trips if you want additional suggestions on how to spend the last day of your 5 day London itinerary, too.

I’ve taken all these trips, and recommend them from personal experience. There’s more about day trips in the beautiful book Escape London: Days Out within Easy Reach of London, too. You can get it here.

Painswick, Cotswolds

5 Days in London

If you can’t get enough of London, I recommend spending the final day of your 5 day London itinerary in one of three ways. First, you can explore another of the neighborhoods in my 4 day itinerary.

You can also look through my blog posts about London neighborhoods and under-the-radar London neighborhoods to find specific areas that fit your interests.

And if that’s not enough, my London travel guide has everything you need to discover more areas of the city.

Red Phone Box in London

Second, you can visit one of the hidden or secret museums (or one of the bigger ones if you didn’t have time for all of them in your first 3 days in London). If the weather is nice, you can also explore the parks and gardens.

V and A Cafe, London

Third, you can discover more of the city on foot on the last day of your 5 day London itinerary. I’ve written a number of detailed self-guided walks of London as well as an overview of some walks in popular areas of the city.

Given my favorite way to see London is walking, I can’t recommend them enough. They’ll let you see the side streets and quiet corners that make London one of my favorite cities in the world.

South Kensington Mews

London Itinerary for 5 Days

However you spend your final day in London, I hope you enjoy your stay. This city has so much to do that you’ll be sure to find something to entertain you.

I’m still discovering new places after over a decade of living here, and I know I won’t be done soon.

How about you? What would you include in a 5 day London itinerary?

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5 Day London Itinerary

12 Comments on Lady’s 5 Day London Itinerary

  1. I was in London for the 4th time at the end of may and we(me, mom and a workmate) was there for 6 days, the first day we went to Twinings then we took a stroll along S:t Katherines Dock, and then ended the day at Marble Arch. The second day began with mom and me taking the underground to Stratford and visiting Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, we spent like three hours there, then in the afternoon we took a stroll in Kensington Gardens. The third day we took the underground to Kew Gardens where we spent a couple hours then in the afternoon we did a bit of souvenir shopping at Harrods and then we took a stroll in Hyde Park. On the fourth day we went to Notting Hill and after that we took the underground to Waterloo and we went to Queen Elizabeth Hall rooftop Gardens after that we took bus number 11 to it’s end station in Fulham and then we took the same bus back. On the fifth day we visited Arsenals home arena Emirates Stadium and did a tour and afterwards we went to Camden. On the sixth day we strolled along Paddington Basin and to Little Venice and then to Merchant’s Square, Paddington. So i would add visiting Kew Gardens, Twinings, Elizabeth Hall rooftop Gardens, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and Paddington Basin up to Little Venice.

  2. I’m heading to London and Paris in early October. This is very helpful for planning. So thank you!!! Looking forward to your autumn write up.

  3. I love your blog! I’ve been in London a lot or times but everytime i plan a new journey I come back here to read your posts. The next London holyday it’t going to be in September and It will be a special One: the first time in London with my twins (10 months old in September). I’m studing itineraries to do with the stroller and pur day trip will be the Kew Gardens (never been before and I can use the boat). Greetings from Italy!

  4. Great post! You’ve covered so many perfect compilations of things to do in a 5 day span. London is so full of great events, a unique history, and a special vibe you just can’t find anywhere else. Thanks so much for putting this list together!

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