Summer is officially here, and it’s hot outside. Which is great, because there are so many amazing places to visit in England when the weather is warm (and even when it isn’t). If you’re looking for a quick getaway this season, today I bring you 5 lovely summer day trips from London.

Summer Day Trips from London

Summer Day Trips from London

You can do any day trip from London in the summer, but these stand out when the days are long and the sun is shining.

Bird in Margate

My 5 picks for summer day trips from London are:
1. Brighton
2. Oxford
3. Henley-on-Thames
4. Whitstable
5. Margate

I’ve taken all these trips, and can recommend them from my own personal experience. There’s a lot more about day trips in the beautiful book Escape London: Days Out within Easy Reach of London. You can get it here.


Brighton is at its best in warm weather, and on summer days it’s easy to hop on a train in London and head south. From the expansive beach to the pleasure pier, there’s a lot to do on a sunny day in Brighton. I love wandering through The Lanes and North Laine for a bit of shopping, too.

Brighton Pavilion


Oxford is one of the best day trips from London in any season, but it’s great in summer. For one, there’s punting. Flat-bottomed boats are a great way to get around the waterways on hot days. Add to that the backdrop of blue sky behind the university’s stunning buildings, and it makes a perfect day out in the warmer months.

Oxford, England


Nearby in Oxfordshire, Henley-on-Thames is another of the loveliest summer day trips from London. I love going for the annual Henley Royal Regatta, but even on quieter days this riverside town is the perfect place for afternoon tea and a wander along the water.

Tables at Henley Royal Regatta


Whitstable is the ideal summer day trip for food lovers. The coastal town in Kent is famous for its shellfish, and the annual Whitstable Oyster Festival is a great excuse for a visit. But it’s worth venturing there at other times, too, whether for a trip to the beach or a seafood feast at one of the local restaurants.

Whitstable Oyster Festival


Often called “Shoreditch-on-Sea”, Margate has had a renaissance in recent years. Not far from Whitstable on the Kentish coast, this town is a hipster paradise complete with a seaside amusement park, lots of vintage shops, and an oh-so-contemporary art gallery. Add to that loads of charming streets, and it’s a great day out.

Shop in Margate

These 5 day trips are just a handful of the places you can go near London in summer. If you’re like me and are eager to soak up the sun, they’re just the places to satisfy your vitamin D craving.

Have you taken any good summer day trips from London? What were they?

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Summer Day Trips from London

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  1. I really like the photo of that fishing boat, Julie! I love day trips/road trips! Have a great rest of your weekend! 🙂

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