Autumn is here, and I can’t wait for the next few months to bring pretty foliage and lots of color. England bursts with bright leaves and harvest hues this time of year, and I always attempt to travel to as many of my favorite fall destinations as possible. If you’re up for experiencing the best of the season, today I bring you 5 autumn day trips from London.

Autumn Day Trips from London

Autumn Day Trips from London

You can do any day trip from London in the autumn, but there are some that are worth focusing on at this time of year.

Warwick, England

I’ve taken all these trips, so I can recommend them from firsthand experience. There’s more about day trips in the beautiful book Escape London: Days Out within Easy Reach of London. You can get it here.

1. Warwick Castle

I once took a day trip to Warwick Castle in late October. The castle was less crowded than in the summer months, and I loved the way the autumn leaves lit up in the sunshine when I explored the grounds. There were a lot of grounds to discover, too, which meant that it was a good time to see the seasonal colors.

Warwick Castle

2. St Albans

One of the closest day trips from London, St Albans is just a 20-minute train ride from the capital. That means it’s easy to maximize daylight hours in the late autumn, when darkness sets in around 4pm. Add to that a wealth of walking paths and parks full of autumn foliage, and it’s a great place to soak up the season.

St Albans

3. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is another great autumn day trip from London. Like St Albans, it’s close to the city and a perfect place to travel when daylight hours are limited. Add to that the importance of the castle as a residence of the Queen, and it’s a great choice for a day out.

Windsor Castle

4. New Forest

I know I included the New Forest on my list of winter day trips from London, but it also deserves a place on the autumn list. That’s because the New Forest is spectacular at this time of year. The foliage is bright and beautiful, and there are few places I’ve traveled in England that rival it during the season.

New Forest in Autumn

5. Kent

Speaking of great fall colors, Kent is an ideal place to visit during harvest time. Not only do the wineries look lovely with their leaves and grapes, but the apple orchards are also bursting with life. Add to that the prospect of wine and cider tasting, and Kent becomes the perfect place to go in autumn.

Faversham, Kent

These 5 day trips represent a sample of the places you can travel near London in autumn. If you’re like me and love autumn colors, they’re great choices this season.

Have you been on any autumn day trips from London? Where did you go?

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Autumn Day Trips from London

18 Comments on Lady’s 5 Amazing Autumn Day Trips from London

  1. A good list when there is so much on offer. Another choice your readers might like is to come down to Winchester and as well as seeing the city filled and surrounded by the orange hues of Autumn you can also take a walk through the water meadows on the outskirts enjoying the autumn colours along the river Itchen

  2. Kent sounds like a lovely place to visit in the Fall, as well as any of these beautiful castles! There’s something so charming and peaceful about castles in the fall, you are so lucky to live so close to them! Your photography is beautiful I love the way you captured the leaves xx

  3. I originally come from Kent (nearer the London side) but lived in Canterbury for three years for my degree – stunning place full of history. The New Forest is lovely too – I’d like to visit there again. Great pics.

  4. When you do these lovely lists, can you suggest the best way to get there? E.g. is it a train ride or do you have to drive. Might help some folks choose the best option for then (e.g. I’m visiting this fall but I don’t have access to a car).
    Do you already have a lost that’s just shortest day trips by train from London? Thank you!

  5. I went to the new forest last weekend, thanks for the recommendation. It was lovely, I’ll have to go back towards the end of the month to see the colours though.

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