Over the last few months I’ve been sharing London itineraries on the blog. From one day to three, I’ve written out my ideal mix of things to do, see, and eat. I’ve gotten good feedback from you about them, so today I want to share my itinerary for 4 days in London. I hope you find it helpful!

4 Days in London

4 Days in London

4 days is a good amount of time to see the big sights, get a deeper understanding of the city, and explore some under-the-radar areas. I recommend starting with my 3-day itinerary and adding one of the following day-long segments. They all have something different to offer, so you can choose the one that appeals most.

Greenwich, London


Hampstead is my favorite London neighborhood. I spent years living there and still go back every chance I get. Up in north London, it’s easily accessible by tube and has enough to see and do for a full day.

Back Lane, Hampstead, London

Hampstead is right for you if you love the idea of an English village conveniently located in London. The streets are full of picturesque houses and the neighborhood has one of the city’s wildest parks.

Fenton House, Hampstead, London

My ideal day in Hampstead starts with breakfast on or around Hampstead High Street. Afterwards I browse the shops before meandering around the area. Church Row, Holly Walk, Flask Walk, and Mansfield Place are favorites, but it’s hard to go wrong in Hampstead.

Door, Hampstead, London

When I’m hungry for lunch I go to the Holly Bush, my favorite pub in London. It’s tucked away on a side street and has a warren of rooms that transport me back in time. When I’m finished, it’s off to Hampstead Heath for a long walk and great views of London from Parliament Hill.

Holly Bush Pub, Hampstead, London

In the late afternoon I head to South End Green to shop in Daunt Books and have a drink in one of the many beer gardens. Then I stroll back up to the high street for dinner at a local restaurant.

Pub in South End Green, London


Greenwich is another lovely London neighborhood. Located in the southeast of the city, it’s best reached by boat from central London. The ride is one of the highlights of spending a day there, and I love the views of London from the Thames.

Greenwich, London

Greenwich is perfect for history lovers and stargazers. It has more museums per square foot than seemingly any other part of London, and is home to the Royal Observatory of Greenwich Mean Time fame. It’s a great place to add to your itinerary for 4 days in London if you love digging into the past, starting at the stars, or enjoying good views.

Maps in Greenwich, London

My ideal day in the neighborhood starts with the aforementioned boat ride, which drops me off right in the heart of Maritime Greenwich. From there I take in the Cutty Sark, a 19th-century British clipper ship, and the National Maritime Museum.

Cutty Sark, London

Afterwards I duck into the chapel of the Old Royal Naval College to see the amazing painted ceiling, then explore the 17th-century Queen’s House, a stunning example of Palladian architecture.

Staircase, Queen's House, London

From there I head to lunch at the famous covered market before trekking up to the observatory. I always like standing with one foot on either side of the Prime Meridian and soaking up the spectacular views of London from the top of the hill.

Pub in Greenwich, London

Afterwards I walk back down into Greenwich and explore the side streets and their colorful doors until dinnertime. The area has great pubs, so I end my day with a meal before hopping back on the boat to go home.

Door in Greenwich, London


In the southwest, Richmond is a third London neighborhood that’s worth a special trip. It’s easy to get to by tube or train from central London, and makes a great day out.

Richmond, London

Home to a lovely riverfront area, a park filled with deer, and great shops and restaurants, Richmond is perfect if you like being outdoors and want to feel like a local in London.

Richmond Green, London

My ideal day in Richmond begins with breakfast at one of the area’s many cafes and quickly moves on to the side streets. The lanes, walks, and courts that radiate from the high street are full of sweet surprises, and Richmond Green is idyllic.

Church in Richmond, London

When I’m done exploring, I give myself a chance to browse the shops before stopping for lunch at a riverfront pub. They’re great places to soak up the sun and watch the boats go by on clear days.

Richmond Riverfront, London

After lunch I head up the hill to Richmond Park. Like Hampstead Heath, it’s one of the city’s largest and most beautiful green spaces. It’s famous for its deer, too, so I always make sure to have my camera ready as I’m meandering.

Restaurant in Richmond, London

When the sun starts to sink, I head back into the neighborhood for dinner at one of the restaurants near the high street, then hop on the tube to go home for the evening.

If you want additional ideas, you can read about under-the-radar places in the city in Secret London. You can get it here.

How about you? What would you include in an itinerary for 4 days in London?

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4 Days in London

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  1. Great itinerary! London is such a happening city, with a myriad of sights to see, great food, and all kinds of events, located in its many unique neighborhoods! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos and a brilliant itinerary for London! I live in NW England, but the only times I seem to find myself in London are for work! I need to plan a trip down there soon for leisure!

    Thank-you for such a wonderful post! I hope you’ve had the most lovely Monday,

  3. You reminded me of one of my many trips to London when I spent a day exploring Hampstead. There is so much to see and enjoy in that neighborhood. Great suggestions here.

  4. Great blog and brill pictures. I love Greenwich. SO many places to see in London, no wonder so many flock here from afar!

  5. Thanks for this! My sister and her fiancee come visit me often from Canada. They love it here. And I love finding new places to discover with them. 🙂

    One question re Hamstead. You mention Mansfield Place but I can’t find that on a map. All that come up is Mansfield Road. Is that the same thing?

  6. So lucky to discover your blog! It will be my second visit to London.
    The idea here will let me explore London’s neighborhood for a change
    So thank you 🙂

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