I can’t think of a better way to spend a day in London than exploring one of the city’s many neighborhoods. Today my wanderlust has brought me to Richmond, one of southwest London’s most beautiful areas. From a leafy park full of deer to a riverside walk packed with life, this is one of the city’s loveliest villages.

Richmond, London

Richmond, London

Right at the end of the District Line, Richmond seems like a different world. Stepping out of the station and onto the high street, I feel like I’ve traveled farther than just a tube journey.

But I’m still in the city, and the number of people out reminds me I’m also in a popular part of it.

Richmond, London

Things to Do in Richmond, London

And its popularity stems from the fact that there are so many things to do in Richmond. From the shops to the river, the green spaces to the lanes, this London neighborhood is packed with opportunities.

Pub in Richmond, London

The High Street in Richmond

I start my day in Richmond exploring the high street. There are a lot of great stores, restaurants, and cafes here, including chic coffee shops with names like Kiss the Hippo. And that’s to say nothing of all the cute puppies.

Brewers Lane, Richmond, London

The Little Lanes in Richmond

But it’s what comes off the high street that catches most of my attention. Richmond has great little lanes and alleys to explore.

From Waterloo Place with is rose-clad cottages to Brewers Lane with its old-world atmosphere, they provide endless pleasant distractions as I make my way into the heart of the area.

Waterloo Place, Richmond, London

Richmond Green

And the heart might just be Richmond Green, one of the prettiest places in the neighborhood. The park hosted jousting competitions in the Middle Ages, and today I take in a cricket match as I walk along the border.

Cricket Match on Richmond Green

Richmond Green is lined with some of the prettiest brick houses in London. The details on their facades and the vines growing up around them are a delight to take in.

Houses in Richmond, London

The green is also home to historic pubs like The Cricketers, which dates back to 1770, and the Richmond Theatre, which has been hosting performances since 1899.

The Cricketers Pub, London

The Thames in Richmond

From the park I make my way to the river. Richmond is on the Thames, and one of the highlights of any visit is spending time on the waterfront.

Or in the water, for that matter. From kayaking to boating and ferry rides, there’s no shortage of ways to get waterborne here.

Boats in Richmond, London

Even the drinking establishments sometimes end up in the water. The entrance to The White Cross pub—one of the best riverside pubs in London—is famous for getting partially submerged at high tide.

The White Cross Pub, London

Safe from the tide up the large waterfront steps, I discover the Duck Pond Markets, which have food on Saturdays and artisan goods on Sundays.

I walk around the food market, taking in the aroma of freshly cooked sausages and the sight of fresh pastries as I go.

Duck Pond Market, Richmond

There are more places to eat along the Thames, but I’m here to walk. The Thames Path runs along the river here, and I’m going to follow it for a mile or so to Ham House.

Thames Path in Richmond

Ham House

Ham House is a 17th-century stately home on the Thames. Beautiful inside and out, it also has extensive gardens to discover.

Ham House

I spend a few hours at Ham House taking in the rich interiors with paintings by Van Dyck and intricately carved wooden staircases.

Interior of Ham House

Outside I wander through the grounds, marveling at the Cherry Garden’s manicured hedges and perfect symmetry.

Garden at Ham House

The Wilderness Garden has a lot of secrets, and every time I round a corner I discover a hidden path or secluded gazebo. There’s even a kitchen garden with edible flowers to taste and raspberries coming into season.

Garden at Ham House

Richmond Park

Back on the Thames Path, the obvious place to go is Richmond Park. It’s one of the biggest green spaces in London, and the neighborhood is famous for it.

But I’ve explored the park on previous visits and my legs are tired from my day of walking around the area. I decide to leave it for a future trip.

Richmond, London

Because there will be a future trip soon. Every time I come to Richmond I’m reminded why I love it here.

From the high street to the lanes, the green spaces to the stately homes, this London neighborhood has everything I love all in one place. And what a place it is.

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Richmond, London

14 Comments on Lady’s Beautiful Guide to London’s Richmond

  1. Good overview, Julie. I’m lucky to live here, so when you come back, I’d be happy to meet up for coffee and show you my favourite things.

  2. I used to live just along the river from Richmond and agree, it’s a perfect day trip from central London. I was recently there with my brother and we hopped on a boat to go back to Teddington, where he lives. It’s a truly soothing way to travel.

  3. Lovely blog post! I spent about a week in the Wimbledon area of London and was really blown away by Richmond Park.

  4. Great guide, the Lady is fab. I’ve such happy memories of student days in Strawberry Hill. I loved the riverside from Teddington to Richmond.
    Have missed friends and occasions in London but will get back to Richmond….

  5. Thank you so much for sharing Richmond lived there for 20yrs great memories still go back regularly as I don’t live that far the river the green great pubs beautiful

  6. I have 3 days in London at the end of a tour in August loving these posts I can see I will be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do

  7. I have very much enjoyed reading your guide of Richmond. Having been here a few times, i see you really capture it’s beauty.

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