Today I want to bring you A Lady in London’s guide to the 15 best parks in London. From big parks in the heart of the city to wild expanses in the north, there are lots of green spaces to get excited about in the UK capital.

Best Parks in London

Best Parks in London

All across the city, London has an abundance of parks to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a pretty rose garden or a busy boating lake, there’s a green space that will fit your preferences.

1. Hampstead Heath in London

Hampstead Heath has always been one of my favorite parks in London. Its rugged terrain, extensive walking paths, and great views of the city bring me back again and again.

Being there makes me feel like I’m a million miles away from the urban chaos of the capital, and the surrounding neighborhoods are some of the loveliest in London. Hampstead Heath walks are great, too.

My favorite part of Hampstead Heath is the Hill Garden and Pergola. This hidden space with its raised walkways is one of the best secret gardens in London.

Hampstead Heath

2. Golders Hill Park in London

Right next door to Hampstead Heath, Golders Hill park often gets overshadowed by its neighbor. But it’s one of the best parks in London for its amazing flower beds and little paths leading to tucked-away gardens. It even has a petting zoo.

Golders Hill Park is great to visit at any time of year, but it’s particularly beautiful in spring. The park is home to some of my favorite spring gardens in London, not least when the tulips are in bloom.

Tulips in Golders Hill Park, London

3. Hyde Park in London

London’s most famous green space, Hyde Park deserves a place on my list of the best parks in London. From manicured gardens to swan-filled lakes, this vast expanse of land in the heart of central London has something for everyone.

I first fell in love with Hyde Park for its big landmarks—the Serpentine and the gallery of the same name—but over time I came to appreciate the smaller details.

The little fountain shaped like a dog, the Peter Pan statue, and the flower gardens by Hyde Park Corner all keep me coming back.

Bench in Hyde Park, London

4. Holland Park in London

Not far from Hyde Park, Holland Park is another of the best parks in London. It has a variety of attractions that make it fun to explore.

The Kyoto Garden garden with its pretty bridges and peaceful waterfall is one of my favorite places to spend sunny afternoons, and the spring tulip gardens and summer rose gardens are some of the prettiest in London.

There’s a surprising number of animals dotted around the park, too. I always come across a peacock or two when I’m walking through Holland Park.

And speaking of walking, my self-guided Holland Park walk is a great way to see the highlights of this green space.

Tulips in Holland Park, London

5. London Fields

Over in the East End, London Fields is another of the best parks in London. The park itself is great for lounging on summer days, but it’s the area around it that really makes it worth a trip.

Broadway Market and Netil Market are just outside the park, making London Fields one of the best parks in London for a Saturday afternoon picnic.

There are also great pubs along the perimeter that have outdoor seating with views over the green.

London Fields

6. Victoria Park in London

Also in east London, Victoria Park is one of the best parks in London. It eluded me for years, but when I finally managed to get myself out there, I was glad I did.

Since then I’ve returned many times and I always enjoy it. London’s oldest public park, Victoria Park has everything from boating ponds to cricket grounds and a Chinese pagoda.

Victoria Park, London

7. Regent’s Park in London

Regent’s Park is one of the best parks in London, not least because it’s full of surprises. While it’s known for the zoo and its many sporting fields, it also has idyllic lakes for boating and lovely flowers all around.

Regent’s Park is home to annual events like Taste of London and the Frieze Art Fair, as well as quiet corners filled with sculptures and other little surprises.

But my favorite part of Regent’s Park is Queen Mary’s Rose Garden. Home to London’s biggest collection of roses, it’s one of the best summer gardens in London.

House in Regent's Park, London

8. Primrose Hill in London

Adjacent to Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill is another of the best parks in London. This green space has some of the best views of London from its peak.

Primrose Hill is close enough to the city center that many of London’s landmarks can be spotted without effort, but far enough away to offer respite from the crowds.

The local area in Primrose Hill is a treat to explore, too. It’s fun to have coffee or lunch on the high street before climbing the hill to take in the views from the park.

View from Primrose Hill, London

9. St James’s Park in London

One of the most poplar parks in London, St James’s Park has some of the best flower gardens and certainly the most abundant bird life of any park in the city.

Right next to Buckingham Palace, the park paints the area with color in spring and summer. The views from the bridge in the middle are spectacular, too.

Daffodils in St James's Park, London

10. Green Park in London

Green Park is one of the best parks in London for spring bulbs and summer picnics.

The park turns bright yellow every spring, and it’s the best place in the city to see daffodils. When the weather warms up, its wide stretches of grass are perfect for al fresco eating on long summer evenings.

Green Park, London

11. Richmond Park in London

Although it can feel like a trek to travel out to it, Richmond Park is one of the best parks in London. It’s worth a special trip to explore it.

Richmond Park’s rolling hills, famous deer, and wild feel make it the perfect antidote to the stress of the city. Some of the most adorable dogs in London roam here, too.

Horse in Richmond Park, London

12. Dulwich Park in London

Next on my list of the best parks in London is Dulwich Park. Down in south London, this green space is packed with everything from a boating lake to a woodland walk.

It’s also home to an American Garden that brings the park alive with rhododendrons and azaleas every spring. It’s worth a special trip to Dulwich to see them blooming. You can explore more on my Dulwich walk, too.

Dulwich Park Rhododendrons in the American Garden in London in Spring

13. Greenwich Park in London

Also in south London, Greenwich Park is another of the prettiest parks in London. Full of hills and walking paths, it’s famous for both the Royal Observatory and the views of London from its highest point.

This park is a great place to explore while in Greenwich, and there’s a lot to discover beyond the main attractions. From English Heritage sites in London to pretty gardens and historic trees, exploring it is like being on a treasure hunt.

This London park is a great one to discover on a Greenwich walk. There’s so much to see that it’s worth spending a whole day in the area.

View from Greenwich Park, London

14. Peckham Rye Park in London

Back near Dulwich Park, Peckham Rye Park is another of the best parks in London. This one can be deceptive, too. At first glance, it looks like it’s mostly made up of a big open field with a tree-lined path going through it.

But on closer inspection, Peckham Rye Park is full of secret gardens with wisteria pergolas, hidden gazebos, duck ponds, a Japanese garden, a bowling green, and more. There’s even a fernery. It’s a great excuse to explore Peckham.

Spring Wisteria in the Sexby Garden in Peckham Rye Park, London

15. Brockwell Park in London

Over in Herne Hill, Brockwell Park is another of of the best parks in London. This one is great for a number of reasons, including its stunning views of the London skyline and its hidden gardens.

Brockwell Park is also a delight to visit because it’s right next to Herne Hill Market. Every Sunday this food market offers all kinds of delicious prepared foods and sweet treats. It’s fun to take them to the park on a sunny day and have a picnic.

Brockwell Park, London

Best Parks in London

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of the best parks in London. There are so many great ones to enjoy, and if the weather is nice they’re even better. Fingers crossed for sunny skies!

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Best Parks in London

26 Comments on Lady’s 15 Best Parks in London

  1. Good article, lovely photos and now I’m inspired to seek out Victoria Park too as not yet visited either. My favourite local parks are Dulwich Park and Brockwell Park. Dulwich had a boating lake and an American garden whilst Brockwell has a pretty walled garden.

  2. A great selection of parks! Until very recently I lived on Victoria Park, like you say – it’s got a bit of everything! And surrounded by canals!

  3. Holland park is my favourite, but I’ve never been to Hampstead Heath. I’ll make sure we plan a visit next time we are in London. (Fingers crossed for good weather!)

  4. Thank you for this post.
    My personal favourite is Primrose Hill. I love it there!

    I would however moan about the weather in London- if it’s cloudy, windy and cold then event he best of parks won’t be appealing.

    In fact, I was planning on visiting Richmond Park yesterday but I didn’t as the weather was.. well London weather!

  5. Victoria Park continues to allude me – need to get over there! But I think Regent’s Park, just before an outing to the Open Air Theatre has to be my favorite outing… closely followed by a weekend stroll through Hyde Park.

  6. I have just moved near Victoria Park, and it is amazing! There’ so much stuff there. I look forward to spending many summer weekends there and explore the other parks too.

  7. Great article and beautiful photos! I studied in London for a semester a 4 years ago, I’m visiting in June again for the first time since I left and this article just made me super excited to check out some of these parks I haven’t been to yet!

  8. I love when the sun is shining in London, it become a whole different city! And the parks are so gorgeous. It’s almost hard to believe that in a frenetic city like London there are so many places to chill.

  9. Thanks for the article. I don’t think I’ve seen the house that you picture in Regent’s Park before – whereabouts in the park is it ?

  10. Great article. I’m ashamed to admit that I lived in London for 6 months as an exchange student and I don’t think I got round to visiting any of these parks other than Hyde Park! Will definitely bookmark this page for reference when I go back in October for a friend’s wedding 🙂

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