One of the things I love about day trips from London is that they allow me to see a lot of places in a short time. But sometimes a destination deserves a closer look, and now that I have 48 hours in Cambridge I’m excited to dig a bit deeper into this university city.

48 Hours Cambridge

48 Hours in Cambridge

I’m here for a visit with my boyfriend, and after a quick train ride from London we arrive in town ready to explore. We’ve lucked out with gorgeous weather for our stay, and the sun sets the tone for the trip.

Street in Cambridge

Cambridge Colleges

We spend a lot of our time in Cambridge visiting the colleges. They’re what make the city beautiful, and I can’t get enough of their architecture and history.


From the fan-vaulted ceiling of King’s College Chapel to the painted interiors of Queens’ College Hall, I’m in awe.

Queens' College Hall, Cambridge

I fall in love with the facades at Clare, the cloisters at Jesus, and the details at St John’s. When my Cambridge alum boyfriend takes me around his college, Sidney Sussex, I feel like I’ve stepped into a storybook.

Sidney Sussex, Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge

One of my favorite ways to see the colleges is from the water. Punting is a must here, especially on a sunny day. We board a flat-bottomed boat and take off down the river, soaking up the scenery along The Backs as we go.

Bridge in Cambridge

The bridges over the Cam are stunning, and each seems to outshine the next. From the Bridge of Sighs at St John’s College to the Mathematical Bridge at Queens’, I can’t decide which is my favorite.

Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge

Sightseeing in Cambridge

Back on land, we start the rest of our 48 hours in Cambridge wandering through the narrow streets and browsing in the markets.

Street in Cambridge

We visit the Fitzwilliam Museum to see its impressive collection of art and antiquities, and climb to the top of the tower of Great St Mary’s for some of the best views in Cambridge.

Mathematical Bridge, Cambridge

We queue up to get inside the 17th-century Wren Library at Trinity College, which is one of the most impressive temples to books I’ve ever seen.

Wren Library, Cambridge

We also get a sneak peek at the David Parr House, which opens to the public in 2019. Its gorgeous painted interiors are straight out of Queens’ College Chapel and Hall, and are all the more impressive for being in a family home. Watch this space.

David Parr House

And speaking of Queens’ College Chapel, we attend a concert there one night, and evensong at King’s College Chapel another. The sound of music echoing through the chambers is angelic, and adds to the heavenly feel of the spaces.

King's College Chapel

But the other spaces in town are equally surreal, from the pub gardens with idyllic river views to the cozy coffee shops with a distinctly university vibe.

Street in Cambridge

By the time we’ve finished walking, discovering, eating, and exploring, our feet are sore and my camera is exhausted.

Street in Cambridge

We hop on the train back to London, our eyes bright with the sights of Cambridge and our ears full of its music. Two days have been great for getting a feel for the city and digging a bit deeper than I’ve been able to on day trips. That said, they’ve also made me realize how much more there is to see.

Street in Cambridge

How about you? How would you spend 48 hours in Cambridge?

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48 Hours Cambridge

35 Comments on Lady’s 48 Hours in Cambridge

  1. I love how you managed to make the city look so quiet! These pictures are beautiful, and are definitely making me want to travel to Cambridge right now – if only! Maybe in the near future… x


  2. I grew up in Cambridge and one of my favourite things as a teenager was to climb the tower of Great St Marys, timed carefully so as not to be next to the deafening bells when they chimed. I’m sure having an alum show you around made your tour much more personal / connected to the colleges.
    May I warmly recommend the book “Independent Cambridge” which lists many indie shops and businesses, and is a great guide for getting a little off the beaten track.

  3. I’ve never been to Cambridge but it looks so pretty. Is anyone free to wander the grounds of the university or do you have to be with a student?

  4. I went to Cambridge ladt Saturday and ended up being disappointed.The town is stunning but the crowds prevented me from enjoying it or taking photos I would really like to take.So staying there overnight would be a much better option.I’m planning to come back,with a list of things I want to see this time and give it another shot.

  5. Looking at the effort you have put to get the things done is to be appreciated. It is a visual beauty as well as it was a pleasure in getting to know about the Cambridge. Keep writing and rock with words!

  6. So much stunning architecture! I really want to go here! How far is it from London by train? Also, when you go punting do you go out on your own or is there someone steering it? I’m intrigued! 🙂

  7. Lovely post about Cambridge! I spent a summer there taking a couple courses and it made me nostalgic. Nowadays I watch Grantchester if I’m feeling homesick for Cambridge! It looks just like I left it!

  8. Never had the chance to visit Cambridge but it looks very nice and beautiful. Oddly very calm as well ? It gives it a “move-like” vibe though, which is nice 🙂

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