Lady’s Secret Guide to 36 Hours in Provence

I love Provence. Ever since I studied in Nice as a teenager I’ve been enamored with the region. But most of my travels in southern France have focused on the coast. Which is a shame, because there are so many amazing places to discover in the interior. And that’s why I’m excited to spend 36 hours in Provence discovering the under-the-radar inland highlights.

36 Hours in Provence


Lady’s 48 Hours in Cambridge

One of the things I love about day trips from London is that they allow me to see a lot of places in a short time. But sometimes a destination deserves a closer look, and now that I have 48 hours in Cambridge I’m excited to dig a bit deeper into this university city.

48 Hours Cambridge


Lady’s 5-Day London Itinerary

Over the last year I’ve been sharing my recommendations for London itineraries on the A Lady in London blog. From one day to four, I’ve written about the best ways to see the city in whatever amount of time you have. You’ve told me you like them, so today I’m going to share my 5-day London itinerary. I hope it helps you plan your trips.

5-Day London Itinerary


Lady’s Quick Guide to 36 Hours in Hampshire

I love a weekend getaway. Whether I’m off to Europe or staying in the UK, there’s something energizing about a quick break. This weekend I’m heading south for 36 hours in Hampshire, and I can’t wait to see, smell, and taste what the area around the South Downs National Park has to offer.

36 Hours in Hampshire


Lady’s Guide to Choosing Where to Stay in London

I often get asked where is the best area to stay in London. The difficult thing about that question is that there’s no right answer. London is huge, the attractions are spread out, and every neighborhood is unique. So in order to help you narrow it down, today I bring you A Lady in London’s guide to where to stay in London based on your style. I hope it helps you find your perfect London neighborhood.

Best Area to stay in London


Lady Launches a Shiny New Blogging eBook

Exciting news! I’ve launched the second edition of my introductory blogging eBook today. Say hello to the bigger, brighter Blogging Basics: How to Create a Successful Blog and Build a Loyal Following. It’s pretty, right?

Beginning Blogging eBook


Lady’s Legendary Scotland Road Trip Itinerary

Maybe it’s the American in me, but I like a good road trip. And while a lot of places in the UK are easily accessible by train, driving allows me to stop and soak up the scenery (there’s a lot of it). I’ve done a few journeys around Scotland by car recently, and today I want to share a Scotland road trip itinerary with you.

Scotland Road Trip Itinerary


Lady’s 5 Lovely Summer Day Trips from London

Summer is officially here, and it’s hot outside. Which is great, because there are so many amazing places to visit in England when the weather is warm (and even when it isn’t). If you’re looking for a quick getaway this season, today I bring you 5 lovely summer day trips from London.

Summer Day Trips from London