Lady’s Quick Guide to London’s Islington

After nearly three weeks of traveling, my great British road trip has taken me home to London for a mid-journey break. I have a busy 7 days planned in the capital with teaching, speaking at a blogging conference, and catching up with friends, but I’m determined to explore a bit. And one of the London neighborhoods I haven’t seen enough of lately is Islington.

Islington Restaurants, Bars, Shops


Lady’s 2 Magical Days in Portmeirion, Wales

I’ve wanted to travel to Portmeirion since before I moved to London. I read an article about this fairy-tale land in North Wales, and it sparked my imagination. But 10 years on, I’ve never managed to make the trip. Until now, that is. My great British road trip has taken me to North Wales, and spending 2 days in Portmeirion is at the top of my list.

2 Days in Portmeirion


Lady’s Guide to 2 Beautiful Days in Anglesey, Wales

My great British road trip has brought me to North Wales. One of the highlights of my time here is spending 2 Days in Anglesey. I’ve been intrigued by this glittering isle in the Irish Sea since Prince William and Kate lived here during his time as a Search and Rescue pilot, and I can’t wait to experience its wild beauty firsthand.

2 Days in Anglesey


Lady’s 2-Year Newsletter Anniversary

Big news: the A Lady in London monthly newsletter turns 2 on Sunday! All about lovely London and stylish travel, it’s the perfect way to find out what’s going on in the UK capital and around the world. If you already subscribe, you’ll get the October issue via email on Sunday. If you don’t, read on to find out how.

2-Year Newsletter Anniversary


Lady’s 7 Places that Will Make You Want to Take a Road Trip in North Wales

My great British road trip has started strong with stops in some of England’s most beautiful destinations. But after a week on the road, it’s time to head to Wales. I’ve spent time in the Brecon Beacons and the south over the last few years, and I’ve been itching to explore more of the north. Now my patience is being rewarded with the discovery of 7 great places on my road trip in North Wales.

Road Trip in North Wales


Lady’s Lovely Guide to 1 Day in Chester

I was going to avoid cities on my great British road trip. The goal was to stick to the countryside. But if there was ever a city that could tempt me to break my rule, it’s Chester. After seeing countless photos of the city’s historic streets, spending 1 day in Chester has been high on my travel itinerary.

1 day in Chester