Lady’s Guide to Visiting Tikal, the Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

Tikal is enchanting. The Mayan ruins in Guatemala are ancient wonders built between the 6th century BC and the 10th century AD. Reclaimed by the jungle hundreds of years ago, they’ve been partially excavated and stand as reminders of a great civilization. I’ve traveled to Central America from London to see them, and can’t wait to spend time visiting Tikal.

Visiting Tikal


Lady’s 9 Underrated Cities You Have to Discover in Britain

One of the things that surprised me when I first moved to London was how much more particular British people are about what counts as a city than I am. Back in California I used the words “city” and “town” interchangeably, not knowing or caring what the technical status of a place was. But over the years I’ve learned to watch my language or get berated by a Brit. Whether it’s the presence of a cathedral, a royal grant, or another qualification, I know when to call a place a city (and more importantly, when not to). I’ve also enjoyed traveling to a number of cities, especially the less visited. If you’re interested in exploring more cities in the UK, today I bring you 9 underrated cities in Britain that are worth visiting.

Underrated Cities in Britain


Lady’s Lovely Guide to London’s Westminster

Westminster isn’t exactly under the radar. With Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, this London neighborhood is one of the most visited in the city. But there’s a lot going on in the area besides the main attractions, and today I want to share some of my favorite things to do in Westminster with you.

Things to Do in Westminster