Lady’s Historical Taxi Tour of Tokyo

There’s no better way to see a city than with someone who knows it well. I’m in Japan experiencing that very thing, and it’s been a treat. After an exciting cultural taxi tour of Tokyo the other day, I’m now heading off on a historical one. I can’t wait to discover the history of this city.

Yanesen, Tokyo


Lady’s Cultural Taxi Tour of Tokyo

Life keeps taking me back to Tokyo. I’ve been to the city four times, including a visit on an incredible trip to Japan in January. Now I’m back to see more, which is good because this city is enormous and there’s so much to discover. Today’s focus is on culture, which is one of the things Tokyo does best.

Hama-rikyu Gardens, Tokyo

Lady Experiences the Energy of Tru Niagen

This post is sponsored by Tru Niagen.

My recent move and a subsequent uptick in my social life have meant that I’ve been more active than normal lately. I’ve been running around all over London and spending my days and evenings moving furniture and entertaining. It’s been fun, but there’s been high potential for exhaustion. Which is why I’ve partnered with TRU NIAGEN®, which safely increases your cells’ ability to make energy with NAD.

Tru Niagen


Lady’s 9 Road Trip Movies That Will Make You Want to Travel the World

Now is the time of year I get itchy feet. All weekend I thought about where I want to travel in the coming year, and the thing I kept returning to was road trips. And since nothing inspires such a journey like a film, today I want to bring you 9 road trip movies that will make you want to travel the world.

Road Trip Movies