Lady’s 3 Days in Singapore

I’ve never seen a view like this. Palm trees and an infinity pool overlook a city 57 stories below as people swim out to the edge to take selfies with the skyscrapers. It’s like something out of a movie, and yet here I am taking it all in. It’s a great introduction to my 3 days in Singapore.

3 Days in Singapore


Lady’s 7 Lovely London Must-Haves

It’s no secret that I love London. And my adoration doesn’t just involve writing about the city and photographing its highlights. I also like curating my own personal collection of London-themed objects. From home decor to travel accessories, a lot of my belongings pay homage to the UK capital. If you love London as much as I do, today I want to share 7 lovely London must-haves with you.

London Gifts


Lady’s Day Trip to Margate

It’s not everywhere I’m greeted by a seagull when my train arrives. But given I’m in easy view of the beach, a gull seems fitting. And just like that, my day trip to Margate has begun.

Margate Day Trip


Lady’s Itinerary for 2 Days in London

A few months ago I wrote about how to spend 1 day in London. And because some people spend more than 24 hours in the UK capital, I thought it would be a good idea to write another blog post to share ideas for a longer trip with you. As such, today I bring you A Lady in London’s itinerary for 2 days in London.

2 Days in London Itinerary


Lady’s 19 Expat Survival Tips for London

Today is my 9-year anniversary of living in London! Time has flown since I got my first visa and moved to the UK in 2007. But I’ve learned a lot about life in Britain since arriving in England. In celebration of the milestone, today I bring you my 19 expat tips for living in London. Or visiting. Either way, you’re set.

Expat Tips for Living in London


Lady Reveals the Prettiest Streets in London

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I love photographing London’s side streets. From the mews in Kensington to the cobbled lanes in Hampstead, I can’t get enough of the city’s quiet corners. And since I know a lot of people like exploring them as much as I do, today I bring you my guide to the prettiest streets in London.

Prettiest Streets in London


Lady’s Perfect Carry-on Bag for Your Travels

Last month I wrote about how to travel with just a carry-on. I was impressed by how many of you shared your tips in the comments section (thank you!), and by some of the questions you asked on social media. One of them was about what kind of carry-on works best when you need a more structured bag. Today I’m going to answer that question with my Tumi Voyageur Super Leger International Carry-on review.

Tumi Voyageur Super Leger International Carry-on Review


Lady’s 5 Days Out that Will Make You Want to Visit the Scottish Borders

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Scotland lately. I’ve alluded to it here and there, but today I want to come clean. I’ve fallen in love, you see, and the man in question has a house in the Scottish Borders. We’re up there a lot, and in the past year I’ve discovered a part of the UK I never knew about. And it’s pretty amazing. If you want to know why, here are 5 days out in the Scottish Borders that will show you.

Days Out in the Scottish Borders


Lady’s Places to Love in London’s Soho

You can’t get more central than Soho. Right smack in the middle of London, the buzzing atmosphere and non-stop entertainment put it squarely in the heart of the city. But sometimes Soho gives me too much choice. Do I eat or shop? Drink or dance? And above all, where? So today I’m distilling this London neighborhood into a manageable set of places to love.

Soho, London Restaurants, Bars, Shops


Lady’s 7 Stunning Homes for Your London Holiday

Have you ever dreamed of staying in one of those incredible homes you see on design blogs then realized you could never afford to? I’ve found a solution for you. I recently met with The Plum Guide, a company that’s making it possible to stay in a dream home in London for around £50 per person per night. And to prove it’s not too good to be true, I’ve picked out 7 homes you never thought you could afford to stay in.

London Holiday Home


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