Lady’s 5 Incredible Days in Menorca

Menorca is a little piece of paradise in the Mediterranean. I’ve wanted to visit this Spanish island for years, and now that I’ve been invited to speak at an influencer conference called MustSeeMenorca, I’ve finally gotten my chance. I have 5 days in Menorca to take in the highlights, and each day I find something new to love.

5 Days in Menorca


Lady’s 5 Tips for Train Travel in France

I love traveling by train. There’s something romantic about rail travel that keeps me captivated time after time. And if there’s one country that makes me feel this way, it’s France. As such, today I want to share 5 tips for train travel in France.

Train Travel in France


Lady’s Quick Guide to the City of London

You have no idea how long I’ve been avoiding writing this blog post. I’ve been telling myself to write a City of London guide for years, but there’s a problem: it’s intimidating. The historic heart of London has so many layers and secrets that I always feel like it’s too big to tackle. But that’s changing today.

City of London Guide


Lady’s 21 Books to Read on Your Travels

I love to read. When I was a child I had to be called to dinner at least three times before I put down a book, and not much has changed. So when a good friend and reader of A Lady in London emailed me saying “I do wonder what books you read when you travel. This comes up when I see your beautiful photos of bookstores and I wonder what you got,” I figured it was time to share my top picks for books to read while traveling.

Books to Read While Traveling


Lady’s Quick Guide to 24 Hours in Berlin

It’s early evening in Berlin. The cafe tables fill with drinks and the streets come alive with the sounds of the after-work crowd. As I walk down Alte Schonhauser Strasse, I’m lured in by hip bookstores and boutiques and I already know I’m going to like this neighborhood. I have 24 hours in Berlin, and this is where I’m going to spend them.

24 Hours in Berlin


Lady’s Guide to Tracking Red Pandas in Nepal

Every time I tell someone I’m traveling to Nepal, they assume I’m going to Base Camp. But Everest isn’t my reason for being here. Rather than trekking, I’m here for tracking. I’m heading to the eastern edge of the country to spot my favorite animal in the wild. I’ll be tracking red pandas in Nepal, and I can’t wait.

Tracking Red Pandas in Nepal


Lady’s 24 Hours in Kathmandu

It’s sunrise in Nepal. I step out onto the balcony as the sky warms to a golden glow, the chirping of birds welcoming a new day. It’s as still as I’ll ever feel this buzzing city, and it’s the perfect start to my 24 hours in Kathmandu.

24 Hours in Kathmandu


Lady’s Guide to 3 Days in Abu Dhabi

It’s sunset in the desert. The sun sinks below the sand, turning the dunes orange and red along their sinuous curves. I watch until the colors fade to purple and the sky lights up with stars, taking it all in from a carpet on the sand. It’s magical, and it’s only one of many such moments during my 3 days in Abu Dhabi.

3 Days in Abu Dhabi


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