Lady’s 3 Places to Explore the Streets of Tokyo

Tokyo’s streets inspire. Whether I’m walking down an avenue lined with fashionable shops or a lane full of history, every road in this city tells a story. And there are three parts of Tokyo where I’ve found the streets to be particularly good narrators.

Yanasen, Tokyo


Lady’s 5 Reasons You Should Visit North Berwick, Scotland

When my boyfriend asks if I want to take a day trip to North Berwick, I’m not sure where he means. The northern part of Berwick-upon-Tweed? Somewhere north of Berwick-upon-Tweed? So I look at a map and discover a seaside town on the Firth of Forth 25 miles from Edinburgh. And I feel like an idiot. But not for long, because I agree to go to North Berwick to see what I’m missing.

Day Trip to North Berwick


Lady’s 9 Year Anniversary of A Lady in London

Today is the 9-year anniversary of the day I started the A Lady in London blog. Time has flown since I quit my hedge fund job, got a visa, and arrived in England wondering where life would take me. And it’s no wonder. In 9 years of blogging I’ve traveled all over the world and seen as much of the UK as I can. But I couldn’t have done that without you.

9 Years of Blogging


Lady’s 4 Places You Won’t Believe Are in Tokyo

Tokyo is massive. London seems like a village when compared to this enormous city. And the Japanese capital feels intensely urban, too. But now that I’m here, I’ve discovered 4 places that have completely changed my perception of the metropolis. They’re little pockets of natural beauty that soften the city and show me Tokyo’s peaceful side.

Tokyo Nature


Lady’s 3 London Afternoon Teas You Must Try

It’s Afternoon Tea Week! Britain is celebrating all things English Breakfast and Battenberg cake for the next 7 days. As the annual festivities begin with the scent of fresh scones and herbal infusions, I thought it would be fun to tell you about 3 of the best afternoon teas in London.

Best Afternoon Tea in London


Lady in Kirkcudbright, Scotland’s Loveliest Secret

I’d never heard of Kirkcudbright before. The harbor town at the bottom of the Scottish coast isn’t exactly on the main tourist trail. But given my love of discovering new places, I agreed to go when my boyfriend suggested a weekend trip to the annual Kirkcudbright Art and Crafts Trail. And I’m so glad I did.

Kirkcudbright Art and Crafts Trail


Lady’s Day Trip to Brighton

Do you ever feel like time is going by too quickly? I could have sworn I’d traveled to Brighton in the past year, but my last trip to the East Sussex seaside was three years ago. When I realized that, I was so astounded I decided it was time to take a day trip to Brighton.

Day Trip to Brighton


Lady’s 3 Places to See Tokyo’s Unique Style

Tokyo’s got style. From soaring skyscrapers to fashionable residents, the city is on the cutting edge of everything. I’m in the Japanese capital to discover many sides of Tokyo, but the thing that keeps catching my eye is its unique brand of design. And I see that most clearly in the architecture.

Tokyo Architecture


Lady’s 1 Day in London Itinerary

The thing I enjoy most about travel blogging is helping people plan trips. Whether its through my blog posts or via my travel planning services, I love helping my readers have a richer experience in London or abroad. And because one of the most common questions new visitors ask is how to spend 1 day in London, today I bring you A Lady in London’s itinerary for 24 hours in the UK capital.

1 Day in London Itinerary


Lady Saves Her Memories

What’s your favorite thing about your phone? Mine is that I can take pictures with it. I love sharing photos of my travels on social media as I explore new places around the world, and this week I’ve been doing so in both Scotland and Japan.

Photographing Flowers


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