Lady’s Guide to Winter Train Travel in Britain with the New 26-30 Railcard

When I think of traveling, I usually think of going overseas. But there’s so much to discover here in Great Britain that it’s often worth staying in Britain to take it all in. One of my favorite ways to travel is by train, so today I want to share some of my top picks for places to journey by rail in Britain this winter. As an added bonus, I’ve partnered with National Rail to tell you how you can save 1/3 on your tickets.

King's Cross Station London


Lady’s Quick Guide to the Weather in London

British people love to talk about the weather. I always wondered why, and then I moved to London and realized it’s because it’s always changing. Now I keep getting asked about the weather in London. From email to Instagram, so many people have asked me for advice that today I want to dedicate a blog post to the topic. If you’re one of the curious, read on for my month-by-month guide to what to expect from the London weather.

Weather in London


Lady’s Pretty Guide to London’s Herne Hill

One of the things that surprises me about south London is how little of it I explored before I moved down here. Maybe it’s because locals keep it a secret, or maybe it’s because it’s not as well served by the tube as other parts of the city. But now that I live here I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to discover it. And one of the places I’m glad I’ve found is Herne Hill.

Herne Hill