Lady’s 7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Abu Dhabi

The more I get to know Abu Dhabi, the more I like it. The emirate wasn’t on my travel radar until last year when I visited en route to Nepal, but the trip made me realize how much it has to offer and tempted me to go back. Which is convenient, because I’ve been invited on a sponsored trip to Abu Dhabi with the Department of Culture & Tourism and Etihad Airways. And while I’m here I find 7 reasons to fall in love with Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi


Lady’s Self-Guided London Literary Walk and Map

I love books and I love walking. There’s no better way to combine my passions than walking to London’s bookshops, reading rooms, and other literary locations. If you’re the same, today I want to share my self-guided London literary walk and map with you.

London Literary Walk


Lady’s 9 Perfect Date Ideas for London

Valentine’s Day is coming. As if you didn’t know. If you’re like me, you’re scrambling for a date idea at the last minute. Or trying to find romantic places in London. Or boycotting the whole thing. But once the rose-infused chaos subsides, there are plenty of other days to go on dates. So if you’re stuck for inspiration this week or any other, here are 9 date ideas for London that can help you out.

Date Ideas for London


Lady’s Spontaneous Weekend Getaway to Bath

It’s early morning in Bath. I woke up with the sunrise, and now I have the streets to myself. I wander up to The Circus and around the Royal Crescent, taking in the golden stone buildings and relishing the quiet. This fleeting experience is the highlight of my spontaneous weekend getaway to Bath, but it’s not the only thing I’ve come to love.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath


Lady’s Guide to Skiing in Nozawa, Japan

I’ve wanted to ski in Japan for a long time. Friends keep coming back raving about the powder, and I’ve been itching to hit the slopes. Now I finally have the chance, and I’m excited to go skiing in Nozawa, Japan.

Skiing in Nozawa, Japan


Lady’s 2 Days in Kanazawa, Japan

I’d never heard of Kanazawa before we booked our trip. My boyfriend and I needed somewhere to stop on the way from Kyoto to our ski resort in Nozawa, and friends recommended it. So we booked ourselves 2 days in Kanazawa and decided to see where life took us. And we’re so glad we did.

2 Days in Kanazawa


Lady’s 3 Days in Kyoto: a Beautiful Itinerary

If Tokyo is the head of Japan, Kyoto is the heart. A number of people have told me that, and now I’m here and starting to see it. With historic streets and temples galore, this city shows Japanese culture and tradition at its best. With 3 days in Kyoto, I plan to see the highlights and dig a bit deeper into the secrets of this place.

3 Days in Kyoto


Lady’s Guide to Naoshima, Japan’s Secret Art Island

It’s not every day I’m greeted by a pumpkin. But Naoshima is not an everyday place. As my ferry pulls in, a sunset sky lights up Yayoi Kusama’s ladybug-spotted sculpture and I know my time on this island will be nothing short of magical.

Naoshima Japan Art Island