Lady’s Quick Guide to Panama City

My Central America trip is coming to an end. Panama City is the last stop on my itinerary, but it’s one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. From the legendary canal to the colonial-era architecture and modern skyscrapers, this place has a lot to show me. So I’m going to spend my two days here discovering as many things to do in Panama City as I can.

Things to Do in Panama City


Lady Shares a Travel Insurance Claims Infographic

Today I want to talk about travel insurance. It’s an important part of my life as a frequent traveler, and a huge help when I find myself in poor health overseas. I’ve teamed up with VisitorsCoverage, an InsurTech company that created a marketplace that allows international travelers to source the most appropriate travel insurance for their next trip. VisitorsCoverage has sponsored this guide to making a travel insurance claim, and I hope you find it helpful.


Lady’s Colorful Guide to Granada, Nicaragua

The first thing I notice about Granada is the colors. Every house is a bright hue, the sidewalks are paved in patterned tiles, and the roofs are orange with terracotta. Wrought iron railings swirl in front of buildings and glazed ceramics proclaim street names on every corner. I’ve traveled to this part of Nicaragua to take in these details and watch the horses and carriages go by, and I can’t wait to get a taste of life in this Central American city.

Things to Do in Granada, Nicaragua