Lady’s Lovely Guide to Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge. Just the name sounds luxurious. This part of London is synonymous with the finer things in life, and for good reason. Luxury goods shops, high-end restaurants, and five-star hotels abound, and walking down the street is like stepping into a fashion shoot.



Lady’s 11 Pretty Cities You Have to Discover in Europe

Europe amazes me. When I studied in Nice as an 18-year-old I spent my weekends traveling to European cities and marveling at their beauty. From the rooftops of Prague to the canals of Venice, I was awed by heritage buildings and layers of history. I still am. I’ve visited a lot more cities since then and haven’t lost my sense of wonder. If you’re looking for the prettiest cities in Europe, today I want to share 11 of my favorites with you.

Cities in Europe