Lady’s 11 Beautiful Day Trips You Have to Take from Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities. Between the beautiful streets, hilltop castle, and secret villages, I could spend a lifetime exploring. But there are lots of nearby places that are worth a visit, too. If I can tear myself away, I like getting out into the towns and countryside around the Scottish capital. If you’re the same, today I want to share 11 day trips from Edinburgh with you.

Day Trips from Edinburgh


Lady’s Lovely Itinerary for 1 Week in London

It’s time for another London itinerary. My London travel guide series has been a popular one, and today I want to continue the tradition. I’ve shared my ideas for how to spend anywhere from one to six days in London, and now I want to share my 1-week London itinerary with you.

1-Week London Itinerary


Lady’s Itinerary for 3 Days on the North Sea Coast in England’s Northumberland

It amazes me that Northumberland is so undiscovered. This county in the northeast corner of England has everything from iconic castles to stunning coastline, yet few people seem to know about it. I’ve spent a lot of time here over the last few years, and now I’m back on a secret mission (all will be revealed on my Instagram feed in May). I’m visiting some of my favorite spots, and today I bring you my 3-day itinerary for Northumberland’s North Sea coast.

3-Day Itinerary for Northumberland