Lady’s Unusual Guide to London’s Canary Wharf

As soon as I get off the tube I feel like I’m in a different universe. Like I’ve traveled to the future. A steel-and-glass future, where everything and everyone is sleek and modern. Gone are the cobblestones and pastels of my usual London neighborhoods. This place is all skyscrapers and stock tickers. I’ve arrived in Canary Wharf, and I couldn’t feel farther from the London I know. But there’s more to this part of the city than I realize, and I soon find it’s not as alien as I imagine.

Canary Wharf


Lady’s 13 Beautiful Self-Guided London Walking Tours

I love London and I love walking, and I’ve really enjoyed sharing my London walks with you over the last few years. Given the response, I’m pretty sure you like walking, too. Today I want to make it easy for you to find my self-guided London walking tours by putting them all in one blog post.

London Walking Tours


Lady’s 11 Jaw-Dropping Castles You Have to See in England

There’s something romantic about a castle. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a place where castles were only in fairy tales, but I’ve always thought these medieval fortresses were magical. Since moving to the UK I’ve visited as many as I can, and it’s been amazing to see them in real life. If you feel the same way, today I bring you A Lady in London’s 11 picks for the best castles in England.

Castles in England


Lady’s 7 Places You Have to Explore in London’s Hackney

When I moved to London Shoreditch was the city’s capital of cool. All the edgiest bars and restaurants were there, and it was the place to go for a night out. But a decade on, other London neighborhoods have challenged the area for that title. Notably, Hackney. This area to the northeast of Shoreditch has been home to hipsters for a while now, and they’ve brought all things trendy with them. I’ve been exploring this part of the city more and more, and if you want to do the same, today I bring you A Lady in London’s 7 things to do in Hackney.

Things to Do in Hackney, London