Lady’s Lovely Guide to West London

Exciting news today: I’ve teamed up with Marriott TRAVELER to create a series of destination guides for different areas of London. Over the course of the next month they’ll be publishing the guides on their website.

Pont Street, Knightsbridge


Lady’s Tale of Two Cities in Normandy: Rouen

There’s a rivalry in Normandy. Caen and Rouen vie for the title of the region’s premier city. So after visiting Caen in June it’s only fair that I give Rouen its chance to impress, right? Right. I’m off to Rouen.

Half-Timbered Houses, Rouen, France


Lady’s Guide to the Best of Covent Garden

Covent Garden is changing. It always has been, but every time I’m here I discover new restaurants, shops, and entertainments. This London neighborhood is so full of life and energy that it constantly reinvents itself. I’m on a mission to see the latest and today I bring you A Lady in London’s guide to things to do in Covent Garden.

Things to Do in Covent Garden


Lady’s Guide to a Colorful Walk in Spitalfields

It’s time for a wander. I’ve been out and about in the city lately, and I want to share another self-guided walk in London with you. Life has taken me back to Spitalfields a lot and I love this London neighborhood’s markets, side streets, and street art. So today I bring you another free walking tour of London in the form of A Lady in London’s self-guided walk in Spitalfields.