Whenever people ask me when the best time to visit London is, I always say spring. Starting in March, London slowly sheds the cold yoke of winter, its short days and frigid grey weather giving way to hopeful bursts of color and brighter, sunnier skies. The mood in the city lifts, and a refreshing feeling of optimism brings people outdoors. I’m one of those people, and I’ve been witnessing spring all over London lately.

Wisteria in South Kensington, London

Spring starts with crocuses. As early as February, their little stalks shoot out of the ground, and bright purple and yellow petals blanket the city’s parks and gardens with a welcome burst color.

Crocuses in London

Next come the daffodils. Green Park is the best place to see them, as the annual display of thousands of yellow crowns next to Buckingham Palace heralds the arrival of spring.

Outdoor Piano in London

Even Buckingham Palace itself is surrounded by flowers. Red and yellow tulips are in full bloom at the moment, and they compliment the coats of the famous changing of the guard ceremony perfectly.

Tulips outside Buckingham Palace in London

But the best place to see spring in London is on the other side of Buckingham Palace. St James’s Park has some of the most beautiful gardens in the city, and right now they are bursting with flowers of every color.

Gardens in St James's Park, London

It’s not just the famous parks and landmarks that show off the best of spring in London, though. Seemingly every street has trees and flowers in bloom. Wherever I walk, pink blossoms fill the sky, and even the most mundane roads are made pretty by fallen petals.

Colorful Houses in Earl's Court, London

This phenomenon extends to all of the neighborhoods in London. The white facades of South Kensington are accented by purple wisteria, and up in Angel the brown brick buildings are surrounded by the candy pink spheres of blossoming trees. Over in Earl’s Court, colorful houses are complimented by their gardens, and the bright facades in Notting Hill are no match for the flowers in front of them.

Rooftops in Angel, London

Elsewhere in London, secret little places like the Pergola Garden in Hampstead and the Chelsea Physic Garden are some of my favorite areas to experience the colors of spring. And speaking of Chelsea, the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show is one of the most famous events in the world to get into the spirit of the season.

Cherry Blossoms in Kensington, London

In the meantime, new bulbs will unfold their bright petals to the sun and London will grow lovelier every day. By the time spring gives way to summer, the city will be at the pinnacle of its beauty, and those of us that experience the process will have an appreciation that makes it all the sweeter.

46 Comments on Lady Loves Spring in London

  1. I love this post. I visited London twice and both times in March and you’re right, London is lovely when spring comes around and daffodils are so beautiful as well.
    Love your pictures.

    x Giada

  2. Love these photos! I agree – spring is definitely the prettiest time to visit London, and St James’ Park is definitely one of the best parks to see the season in action! That said, I just love how each season makes London feel like a completely new and different city.

  3. Beautiful! This is quite awkward… because this is nearly the exact same places I’ve visited in this order this spring!!!
    (Beautiful photo’s by the way!)

  4. This is how a great city seduces you to stay one more year and one more year. When you see so much beauty, you don’t mind a long winter and the rain, you just know that the bright side is near 🙂 Lovely post and pictures (as usual)

  5. These photos are so breath-taking. Words can’t describe how lovely London looks in spring. Strolling down the streets must be just wonderful!

  6. What a charming blog. Full of beautiful photographs and very eloquently described. Being a Londoner born and bred (in the spring) it’s absolutely my favourite time of year in this fabulous city of ours. The other thing I absolutely love is the smell of those spring flowers – the freshness heralding a new dawn after winter. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  7. Your pictures are beautiful! It is great to see such colors in the London “landscape”, and even if I’ve been only 3 or 4 times in London, I can feel the atmosphere so specific to this city. Nice article!

  8. Having lived in London for quite some time now, I must say I totally, absolutely agree with you! Whenever I chat with friends and relatives from other countries, I always talk about spring in London too. Everything’s just bursting with color and cheer. It makes me feel so happy and hopeful, and so close to Mother Nature. Since London is crawling with wonderful gardens and parks, spring becomes so much more beautiful. It’s definitely the perfect time to have a stroll outdoors with your special someone or have a bonding activity with the entire family. 🙂

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