Spring is here. After what felt like a never-ending winter, London’s finally warming up and showing signs of the season. I’ve been getting outdoors as much as I can, and the gardens are looking spectacular. Not just in London, either. All around the UK, spring is taking over. If you want to see the best of the season, today I bring you 15 of the prettiest spring gardens in Britain.

Spring Gardens in Britain

Spring Gardens in Britain

From castle gardens to island gems, the UK has no shortage of green spaces and flower beds to get excited about. Whether you want to explore formal gardens or stunning greenhouses, topiary hedges or wildflower meadows, there’s a perfect garden for you. Add to that annual events like the Chelsea Flower Show, and there’s a lot of inspiration to be found.

Abbotsford House

1. Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Kent is the Garden of England, so it’s no surprise that this county is home to some of the most famous floral displays in Britain. Sissinghurst Castle is renowned for its spring blooms, from the manicured gardens around the house to the wild bluebell woods on the periphery.

Sissinghurst Castle Garden

2. Kellie Castle Garden

Scotland’s Kellie Castle has a stunning walled garden with colorful blossoms and views of the fortress. Lines of purple flowers border grassy alleys and hidden archways lead to secluded benches where it’s easy to spend hours soaking up the atmosphere.

Kellie Castle Garden

3. Hidcote Manor Garden

In England’s Gloucestershire, Hidcote Manor has an Arts & Crafts Movement garden with “rooms” containing different types of flowers and plants. This unique design sets it apart and makes it a Cotswolds destination worth a special trip.

Hidcote Manor Garden

4. Kiftsgate Court Gardens

Just down the road from Hidcote Manor Garden, Kiftsgate Court is another stunner. Its reflecting pools and ponds are dotted with stepping stones and contemporary art, and there are sunken gardens with colorful patio furniture to relax in.

Kiftsgate Court Gardens

5. Glasgow Botanic Gardens

I traveled to Glasgow in the spring two years ago and was impressed by the botanic gardens in the West End. The white daffodils were out in force, their orange centers gleaming beacons of sunshine. Inside the greenhouses, I found a world of flora and foliage, not to mention beautiful steel-and-glass architecture.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

6. Tresco Abbey Garden

Off the coast of Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly are magical in spring. The Tresco Abbey Garden shows off the islands’ seasonal colors at their brightest, with pink blooms garlanding crumbling arches and orange globes adding accents.

Tresco Abbey Garden

7. Abbotsford House Garden

Up in the Scottish Borders, Abbotsford House has some of the prettiest spring gardens in Britain. Tulips line the arches in front of the house and fill the walled garden with a sea of petals. The view from the end of the garden to Sir Walter Scott’s home makes the whole trip worthwhile.

Abbotsford House Garden

8. St James’s Park

As much as I love to travel for gardens, some of the finest examples in Britain are close to home in London. St James’s Park bursts with daffodils in the spring, blanketing large parts of the grass in yellow. It’s one of my favorite places to walk when the weather starts to warm.

St James's Park Daffodils

9. Holland Park

Not far from St James’s Park, London’s Holland Park has another of the prettiest spring gardens in Britain. Its tulips and primroses are arranged in meticulous patterns bordered by diamond hedges. Surrounding the central sculpture, they make a geometric display of color and new life.

Holland Park Tulips

10. Powis Castle Garden

Out in Wales, Powis Castle has some of the most impressive gardens I’ve seen in the UK. From curvaceous topiary yews to terraced flower beds cascading down the hillside, the gardens are beautiful in all seasons.

Powis Castle

11. Hampton Court Palace Garden

Back near London, Hampton Court Palace has an abundance of gardens. From the kitchen garden where vegetables grow to sunken spaces and a manicured extravaganza, there are a lot of green spaces to explore. And that’s to say nothing of the hedge maze.

Hampton Court Palace Garden

12. Shakespeare’s New Place Garden

And speaking of hedges, Shakespeare’s New Place in Stratford-upon-Avon has some of the most impressive in Britain. Waves of them take over the borders of the garden, making shapes and adding texture to the landscape.

Shakespeare's New Place Garden

13. Kew Gardens

I couldn’t write about the prettiest spring gardens in Britain without mentioning London’s Kew Gardens. The royal botanic gardens are some of the biggest and most impressive in the country, and everything from the greenhouses to the flower beds brightens up when the season starts.

Kew Gardens

14. Pergola Garden

North London’s Hampstead is one of my favorite places to go in spring, and the Pergola Garden shows off the flowers and greenery at their best. From crocuses to wisteria garlands, this place showcases every stage of the season.

Pergola Garden, Hampstead

15. Hever Castle Garden

Ending where I began, Kent’s Hever Castle has some of the prettiest spring gardens in Britain. From tulips growing in front of the fortified house to daffodils dotting the landscape, spring flowers flourish. Away from the moat, expansive topiary hedges and walled gardens with flower-filled urns round out the scene.

Hever Castle

I hope this list has inspired you to get outside and get into the natural world this season. Spring flowers are fleeting and bloom in stages, so make sure to plan your visit so you see them at their best.

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Spring Gardens in Britain

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  1. Magnificent post.Love reading your post.Pictures are stunning.I love gardens and flowers.This place is full of flowers and petals.Thanks for the post.Keep sharing.

  2. Truly looking forward to visiting these beautiful gardens someday. The only ones listed that I saw were St, James Park and Holland Park. Both were spectacular. Must start planning another trip to Great Britain!

  3. I was so glad to see that you put Hever Caslte It is one of my fave off the beaten track places in Southern England. I say off the beaten track because it is such a walk from the train station 😉 I am due back in london in a months time so hopefully spring will still be showing off by then!

  4. These are all so beautiful! I’ve disappointingly never visited any of these gardens – Sissinghurst has been on my list for a while and it looks as though I’ve got plenty more to add now!


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