Just as I really started to complain about the weather in London, things warmed up significantly. This weekend temperatures have been balmy and I could not be in a better mood. In light of the amazing weather, I planned a spring day trip to Sissinghurst Castle Garden today with some friends.

Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Sissinghurst Castle Garden

I had heard about Sissinghurst’s beautiful spring gardens, and figured today would be a great day to walk around outside in the English countryside.

This is one of the best spring travel destinations for garden lovers, and I’m one of them.

Sissinghurst Castle in Kent

How to Get from London to Sissinghurst Castle Garden

To get to Sissinghurst Castle Garden, we took a train from London to Staplehurst station in Kent.

Oasts in Kent, England

We arrived famished because we had all skipped breakfast. To sate our hunger, we ate a wholesome meal of cheeseburgers and hot dogs at the market in the station parking lot while we waited for the bus to Sissinghurst.

Sissinghurst Castle in England

Sissinghurst Castle

We arrived at Sissinghurst Castle Garden around 11am, just as the weather was really starting to warm up. It was great to see the outside of the castle and the oasts before exploring the grounds.

Sissinghurst Castle Gardens

We spent the next few hours wandering leisurely through the gardens, which were all designed by former owner Vita Sackville-West to look like rooms of a house. Each one had its own color scheme and theme, and the result was beautiful.

House at Sissinghurst Castle in England

When we had seen the whole of the gardens we walked around some trails in the woods, admiring the tiny purple bluebells that blanketed the forest floor.

I had to acknowledge this was one of the best places to visit in the UK in spring.

From the woods we meandered down to the village of Sissinghurst and had a beer at a local pub. It was nice to rest our legs and take some pictures.

The Bull Inn Pub in Sissinghurst, England

Speaking of pictures, I got an email on Friday from a designer at a company in New York who saw my Dubai photos online.

She wants to pay me for the use of my photos in an online promotion and print advertorial that her company is doing on the UAE.

It turns out the nice weather and the trip to Sissinghurst Castle Garden weren’t the only things to lift my mood recently!

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Sissinghurst Castle Garden

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