One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since moving to London is that the city’s best bits are also its best kept secrets. The greatest pubs are always tucked away off the high street, and the coziest coffee shops are always slightly off the beaten path. It’s true of London’s neighborhoods, too. Some of the most beloved are also some of least obvious. Like Richmond.

Richmond, London

Way at the end of the District Line in southwest London, Richmond is a little village unto itself. It sits on the banks of the Thames and is home to one of London’s largest parks. Most locals know it for its pretty high street and great riverside pubs, which are packed on sunny afternoons.

Waterfront in Richmond, London

And that’s how I know it, too. I’ve spent days out in Richmond a handful of times since moving to London, and have always enjoyed the picturesque waterfront ambiance and wooded park. But I’ve only seen the neighborhood on the surface, and I know there must be more to it.

Richmond, London

Today I’m there to seek out that something beyond the obvious. I exit the tube station and walk out onto the high street, but instead of passing by the chain shops and restaurants, I veer off onto the first little street I find.

Boats on the Thames in Richmond, London

As soon as I do, my theory that every good thing in London is hidden away is proven correct. Waterloo Place is a chocolate box of a pedestrianized lane, with little brick cottages and wild gardens overflowing with spring flowers. It’s so sweet that I want to wrap it up and take it home.

Waterloo Place in Richmond, London

High on my good luck, I duck into the next little lane to see if it will yield the same result. Church Court is a narrow passage with a book shop, and it opens up onto a sunny courtyard with the pretty St Mary Magdalene Church in the middle.

St Mary Magdalene Church in Richmond, London

On one side is a graveyard with stones so old they’ve lost their engravings, and on the other is a French restaurant called La Buvette with outdoor tables covered in red and white checked tablecloths. It’s tucked away behind a wall, and I feel like I’ve discovered something great as I peek into the terrace.

La Buvette Restaurant in Richmond, London

I try my luck a third time with a walk down tiny Brewers Lane, and am rewarded with everything from pint size bars to a gelateria and artisanal chocolate shop. And as with Church Court, this little walkway opens out onto something bigger: Richmond Green.

Richmond Green in London

The wide expanse of grass is intersected by walkways, and the whole space is filled with families laughing and playing games. The green is lined by charming buildings, one of which has a very curious set of spectacles hanging from a vine arch outside.

Spectacles Sign in Richmond, London

Near it is yet another skinny alley, and I can’t resist a walk down. Paved Court is perhaps my best find yet, with a little William Curley chocolate shop right in the middle. I love his chocolates, and I can’t resist popping in to see all the decadent confections.

St Mary Magdalene Church in Richmond, London

Back out on the high street, I head down to the Thames to explore the riverfront. The pub terraces are starting to fill up for the afternoon, and the waterfront promenade is bustling. Pink blossoms fill the trees along the path, and the river is full of all kinds of seafaring vessels. The larger ones advertise boat trips to Hampton Court Palace, while the little ones wait patiently for people to row them out onto the water.

Rowboats in Richmond, London

I walk along the path towards Ham House, a 17th century stately home on the river, then hike up the hill in Terrace Field to take advantage of the spectacular views from the top.

View of the Thames from Richmond Hill

Just down the road is Richmond Park, and no day out in Richmond is complete without a wander. I walk in, hoping to catch a glimpse of the park’s famous deer. They’ve been resident since 1529, and despite there being 650 of them, I have never seen one. Again my theory that the best things in London are the most hidden comes to mind.

Woman Riding a Horse in Richmond Park

I spend a couple of hours roaming the park, wandering up hills and down, passing by the Pen Ponds and looking longingly at all of the adorable dogs I would love to steal. I mean, pet. Pet. All the while, I keep my eyes open for deer.

Dogs in Richmond Park, London

Eventually I give up hope, consoling myself with the thought that if I have a perfect day out in Richmond, I will have no need to return again.

Deer in Richmond Park

But just as I’m leaving, I spot something in the woods. I stop and watch, and suddenly a deer appears from behind a tree. Soon it’s joined by a second one, and I can hardly believe my luck.

Deer in Richmond Park

The deer are every bit as beautiful as I imagined, and seeing them has made my day. But as I wander back down the hill and across the high street, I know that my sighting doesn’t mean the end of my exploration of Richmond. Given how many new places I’ve discovered just by getting slightly off the beaten path, I can only imagine how much more there is to see. And that’s the beauty of London; I will never be finished exploring, and the city will always reward me when I do.

26 Comments on Lady in Richmond

  1. Richmond really is a lovely spot in London. Your pictures capture it beautifully! I like walking the Thames path out there. I’ve never spotted any deer, though! 🙁

    Sometime you ought to visit Chiswick, just a few stops away from Richmond on the District line. I may be partial since it’s where we live, but I think it’s one of the best places to live in London. 🙂

  2. I agree with Sarah, your pictures capture Richmond so nicely! I’ve only been there a couple of times, but I just joined a gym right on the waterfront and it’s sooo nice walking along the river early in the morning!

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying your blog! I’m studying abroad here in London (I’m from California as well!) so I love getting locals’ perspectives and seeing where they go to really live London life 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to live in Richmond, even though it’s quite far out. Such a beautiful place.

  4. Oh your lovely photos and beautiful London posts make me SO HOMESICK!! Currently living in Austin, Tx – which is fun – but it isn’t London/Home.

    Kate xx

  5. I love Richmond! I’m even getting married there in September. If you carry on walking along the river towards ham, there’s a little passenger ferry that takes you across the river to some fab pubs. I grew up in Brentford down the road which is no where near as nice, but we spent many summer days walking to Richmond and drinking by the river!

  6. I love days like these, full of unexpected pleasures! I’m moving to Riga, Latvia, in two months and can’t wait to go on similar explorations of my new home!

  7. Ive read your post about London a different way of life with great joy!
    We hope to visit soon, looking for an apartment somewhere in the city.
    Difficult to know what area to look for.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I was in Richmond at the weekend, weather not bad. Great park, i enjoy see the dear walking around and the cafe. Cheese cake is my fav.

  9. this is the place I most feel at home really. I wish I could live there. Love to walk in the park, I can even forget I’m in London at all, or just have a walk in the village. Everything is perfect! Or just have a walk from home to Richmond along the Thames 🙂

  10. Richmond looks lovely! I’m relocating to London next month from Australia and have found your blog to be a wonderful introduction. I look forward to exploring your site as well as the actual city very soon!

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