I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately from people asking how to spend a day in London. It’s a tough question since I’ve spent over a decade here and still feel like I haven’t seen everything the UK capital has to offer. But since many visitors only have a short time to experience the city, today I want to share my ideas for days out in London.

Days Out in London

Days Out in London

One of the reasons I find it hard to answer the question of how to spend a day in London is because a lot depends on your interests. Some people love museums, others strive to avoid them at all costs. Some people are fans of the big attractions, others want to live like locals.

Since there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, I want to offer a variety of options so you can choose the one that fits your personal style and taste.

Red Phone Boxes in Covent Garden

One Day Itinerary for London

On the most basic level, my 1-day London itinerary covers a lot of the bases for first-time visitors. If you’ve never traveled to London before, I recommend using it as a starting point to get a feel for what the city’s main sights are. If you want to adjust it to your tastes, go right ahead.

Colorful Houses in Notting Hill

Perfect Saturday in London

If you’re in town on a weekend, I’ve written a guide to spending a perfect Saturday in London. It’s ideal if you like to take in a bit of everything. From markets to museums, parks to bars, it will take you on a walk through Chelsea, South Kensington, Hyde Park, and Notting Hill.

The V&A Cafe

Perfect Sunday in London

If you’re in London on a Sunday, I’ve written guides to spending a perfect Sunday in London and to London’s best Sunday markets.

Chatsworth Road Market, London

The former will take you through east London and show you the best of the area’s offerings, while the latter will offer a range of places to go in the city for some Sunday market indulgence. Some of the markets are under-the-radar, so if you want to live like a local they’re great options for you.

Columbia Road Flower Market, London

Themed London Itineraries

I’ve been running a series of blog posts with themed London itineraries, and they’re ideal places to get inspiration if you have a particular interest. Whether you’re a book lover or a foodie, you can find ideas tailored to your specific travel style.

Neal's Yard, Covent Garden

Walks in London

I’ve also written a lot of self-guided London walks. They’re great for inspiring days out in London if you like to explore the city on foot. From Belgravia to Hampstead, Chelsea to Spitalfields, they’ll give you an in-depth look at different London neighborhoods and take you off the beaten path to discover local areas and side streets Londoners love.

Princelet Street, Spitalfields, London

Other Days Out in London

Beyond these, you can have a lot more days out in London. You can spend a day exploring Hampstead or Richmond, or visit one of the National Trust London properties or Hampton Court Palace.

Ham House, London

A lot of the city’s best and biggest museums are free, so you can also spend a day hopping between them and getting your culture fix. I particularly like the V&A, National Gallery, Tate Modern, and British Museum, but there are a lot more free museums in London to enjoy as well.

National Gallery London

Another great day out is a day on the South Bank. You can ride the London Eye and explore Borough Market, all while taking in the views across the Thames.

Borough Market

And speaking of the Thames, one of my favorite days out in London is taking the boat to Greenwich and spending a day indulging in London’s maritime history. It’s fun to stand with one foot on either side of the Prime Meridian, and great to get lunch at the covered food market.

Tulip Stairs, Queen's House, Greenwich

In the warmer months, it’s worth spending a day in the parks. Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Holland Park, and Hampstead Heath are some of my favorites, but it’s hard to go wrong with the city’s green spaces.

Tulips in Holland Park

I hope this post has given you some good ideas for how to spend your days out in London. This city has so much to do and see that you could keep coming back for a lifetime and discover more on each visit.

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Days Out in London

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  1. Oh my gosh those markets!! I think I could honestly just fly to London and fill my itinerary with market visits! Bookmarking these suggestions in case that dream comes true!

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