It’s that time again. I’ve been out and about exploring the city lately, and I want to share another self-guided walk in London with you. My wanderings have taken me to Belgravia recently, and I can’t get enough of this London neighborhood’s streets, shopfronts, and mews. So today I bring you another free walking tour of London in the form of A Lady in London’s self-guided walk in Belgravia.

Free Walking Tour London Belgravia


Belgravia is one of London’s most luxurious neighborhoods. From the embassies bordering Belgrave Square to the flower-fronted shops on Elizabeth Street, this part of the city exudes elegance. And with it comes beautiful houses, charming streets, and lots of loveliness to discover.

Groom Place, Belgravia, London

Free Walking Tour of London’s Belgravia

My self-guided walk in Belgravia will show you around the neighborhood’s streets and mews. Cafes, pubs, and restaurants are plentiful, so you can stop for a rest along the path if you need to.

Pub in Belgravia

This free walking tour of London starts at Victoria station. Exit at the front of the station in Terminus Place and take a left to get to Buckingham Palace Road. Cross the street onto Grosvenor Gardens and go straight along the square until you get to Ebury Street. Take a left to walk down it, ducking into Grosvenor Gardens Mews North on your right when you begin.

Grosvenor Gardens Mews North, Belgravia, London

After exploring the mews, continue down Ebury Street and take in the townhouses and shops (don’t miss the blue plaque dedicated to Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, along the way). Make sure to peek into the hidden Eccleston Yards on your left, too. They’re down a little alley that opens up into a colorful courtyard full of shops, restaurants, and creative spaces.

Eccleston Yards, Belgravia, London

Back out on Ebury Street, continue in the same direction and you’ll come to Elizabeth Street. It’s famous for its pretty cafes and flower-adorned facades.

Peggy Porschen Cakes

Turn right on Elizabeth Street, taking in the shopfronts as you go. Cross the street when you can and take a left on Chester Row. This pretty street has more townhouses and architectural details to admire, and will take you to a traditional neighborhood pub.

Once at the pub, take a left on Eaton Terrace and walk back down to Ebury Street. Turn right and keep walking, taking in the pretty doors and blue plaque dedicated to Mozart.

At the end of the street you’ll be in Orange Square, a lovely space surrounded by restaurants, flower shops, and high-end furniture stores. There are twin red phone boxes to photograph, too.

Orange Square, Belgravia, London

When you’ve finished exploring the area around the square, your free walking tour of London’s Belgravia continues up Bourne Street. Follow it all the way up to Cliveden Place and take a right. Cross the street and take your first left on Eaton Terrace, walking up and admiring the details, pubs, and side streets as you go (Eaton Terrace Mews and Grosvenor Cottages are particularly lovely).

Bourne Street, Belgravia, London

Follow the street around as it becomes West Eaton Place, then turn left on Eaton Place. Continue along the road as it becomes Chesham Street and Chesham Place, then cross the street and follow Lowndes Place past consulates and patisseries as you make your way to Motcomb Street.

Cheese Shop on Motcomb Street, London

Turn right on Motcomb Street and take in the abundance of cheesemongers and chocolateries as you wander. Don’t miss Halkin Mews on your right, either. It’s one of the prettiest in this London neighborhood.

Halkin Mews, Belgravia, London

Across from Halkin Mews, head up Kinnerton Street and soak up the pretty houses and little side streets as you stroll. There’s a lot to see here, so make sure to take your time and absorb all the little corners.

Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London

Near the end, take a right on another street called Kinnerton Street, a quick right on Wilton Place, and a left on another street called Wilton Place (the names get a bit confusing here!). This will take you into a warren of lanes that will hopefully make your inner mews lover as excited as it made mine when I discovered it.

Mews in Belgravia, London

Take a right when Wilton Place meets Old Barrack Yard, then a quick right on another street also called Old Barrack Yard. Walk in and down towards the pub at the end, where you’ll come to the gem that is Wilton Row.

Mews in Belgravia, London

Explore here for a while before the street curves around and takes you out to Wilton Crescent.

Wilton Row, Belgravia, London

Take a left on Wilton Crescent and walk to Belgrave Square, where embassies abound.

Belgrave Square, Belgravia, London

Turn left on Chapel Street, then right into Groom Place. This little lane is one of my favorite cobblestone streets in London, not least because it has a great mix of houses and a pretty pub tucked into one corner.

Groom Place, Belgravia, London

At the end of Groom Place, take a right on Chester Street, then a left on Upper Belgrave Street. Keep going as it becomes Eaton Square and continue as the street name turns into Lower Belgrave Street. You’ll pass more restaurants and cafes here, and will eventually reach Buckingham Palace Road opposite Victoria Station. Your free walking tour of London’s Belgravia ends here.

Time: 1.5 hours

Map of the first part of the walk:
Map of the second part of the walk:

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Free Walking Tour London Belgravia

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  1. A wonderful post, I’m often in and around Belgravia and would love to take the time to do your self guided walk to discover more as it’s such a pretty area. Elizabeth Street is my favourite place to grab a coffee with friends at Tomtom.

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