Lady in British Columbia

British Columbia is bigger than it first appears. I used to think only of Vancouver when the westernmost Canadian province was mentioned, but every time I go I discover another destination worth visiting. On my most recent trip it was Whistler, but on previous travels throughout British Columbia I have found a depth and diversity I never imagined, and now my list of places to visit in BC grows longer all the time.

Victoria BC, Canada


Lady in Vancouver

There’s something about the west coast of North America that I can’t get enough of. From San Francisco to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, the laid-back culture and good food and wine are the perfect combination for a great life. This is particularly true in Vancouver, where things just keep getting better.

Rainbow Crosswalks in Vancouver's West End


Lady in Whistler

I come from a long line of unemotional women. Both sides of my family feature females with less emotional capacity than bricks (and that’s being mean to the bricks). As such, I tend to avoid things that are overtly feminine or super girly. Which is why I’m a bit nervous when Destination British Columbia invites me to participate in a women’s ski camp in Whistler, Canada.

Skiing in Whistler


Lady at Canvas by Michael Riemenschneider

It’s not every day that a London chef adds me as a friend on Facebook. But sometimes I get lucky, as I did a few weeks ago when chef Michael Riemenschneider sent me a request. As it turns out, a friend of mine knows him and suggested he get in touch with me about reviewing his new London restaurant, Canvas, in Marylebone.

Scallops at Canvas Restaurant in London