Lady Turns Six

Today is the six-year anniversary of the A Lady in London blog! It’s hard to believe that 2,190 days have gone by since I quit my hedge fund job, got a visa, and moved to London. But 6 years, 91 countries, and a lot of memorable experiences later, it’s time to celebrate.

London Journal


Lady at London’s Secret Museums

I miss the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition every time. Some years it’s because I’m traveling too much, and others it’s because London has entirely too many world-class museums. I’m always torn over how to allocate my weekends among so many amazing collections, and the travel photography gets lost in the shuffle. So do too many other secret museums in London. And there are a lot.

London Museum


Lady in London Fields

One of the best things about living in London is that the city is so big I could spend my life exploring it and never be done. When I first moved to the UK, my only knowledge of east London was trendy Shoreditch. But over the years, I have discovered areas beyond Hoxton Square and Rivington Street. My favorite is London Fields.

London Fields


Lady’s Country Ramble

When I first moved to London, one of the things that intrigued me most about the UK was the country walks. Unlike hilly San Francisco, the flat areas of Britain offer miles of walking paths, some of which take multiple days to cover. They cut through public property and private, farmland and country lanes, and they make popular day trips from London.

Country Walk in Rochford, Essex