Lady at Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester

Yesterday America took over London. The NFL football game at Wembley stadium meant that Vikings and Steelers jerseys outnumbered all other forms of clothing in the city. Being American, part of me wanted to join the fun. But given that I’m eligible for UK citizenship in just a few short weeks, I decided to indulge in a famous British pastime: afternoon tea at The Dorchester hotel on Park Lane.

Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester


Lady in Artistic Paris

Paris Fashion Week starts today. I was in the city over the weekend, and big preparations were underway. But fashion isn’t the only kind of art in Paris, and my trip to the City of Light focused as much on other kinds of art as it did on the upcoming catwalk shows. In fact, my time there was artistic all around.

Eiffel Tower in Paris


Lady’s Upcoming Travels

I’m hitting the road again! After spending most of the summer in London, I’m embarking on new international adventures in the coming weeks. First up is France, then Turkey and Greece, and finally three weeks in southern Africa. I would love your travel tips!

Beach in Africa


Lady in Salcombe

We weren’t expecting the horses. They emerged out of the fog like mythical beings, eyeing us with as much curiosity as we did them. But given the otherworldy scenery, the prehistoric rock formations and secret coastal coves, we weren’t entirely surprised. One came up to nuzzle my friend’s arm, giving her a little love nibble. We looked at one another, half laughing, half bewildered, wondering whether Salcombe and the Devon coast were actually real, or whether we had stumbled into another world.

Horse in Salcombe, Devon