Lady in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter

“What kind of people do you think lived in the original Gaslamp Quarter?” my guide asks. Erm, prostitutes? San Diego has always been a port city, and where there are sailors…well, you know. Apparently this is the correct answer. The guide proceeds to talk about the Gaslamp’s salacious history, which is fitting for an area that is home to San Diego’s best nightlife.

Horton Plaza in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter


Lady’s Exciting Upcoming Events

Happy September! The August bank holiday has passed in the UK, and things are back to business as usual after Labor Day weekend in the US. Europeans are heading home from summer holidays, and students are back to books. I just arrived in London after visiting family in California, and in the spirit of the new season, I’m excited to share about some upcoming autumn events.

Autumn in Hampstead Heath


Lady’s Summer at Lake Tahoe

I’ve brought the apocalypse to California. On Saturday I woke up to an earthquake in San Francisco, and on Monday I encountered flash flooding in the Sierra Nevada mountains that delayed the opening of the famous Burning Man festival. Given that the end of the world may be at hand, I’m taking what could be my last chance to travel on a summer getaway to California’s best kept secret: Lake Tahoe.

Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, California