Lady in Tobago

“We eat dolphin in Tobago,” Sonia says. I almost have a heart attack. “What?” I ask, alarmed. She cracks a sunny smile. “Ha! No, not Flipper,” she laughs. “It’s local slang for mahi-mahi.” I breathe, relieved. And it’s the first of many surprises I encounter on the southernmost island in the Caribbean.

Nylon Pool in Tobago


Lady at Lyle’s

Everything good about London is east these days. People in Hackney and London Fields are spoiled for choice with new bars and food trucks popping up every week. Over in Dalston, the streets overflow with trendy. Even Shoreditch, the original east London hotspot, has managed to continue bringing London all things new and great without becoming a victim of its own success. One of those things is Lyle’s, a restaurant in the Tea Building that opened on Tuesday.

Mutton, Chard, and Anchovy at Lyle's Restaurant in London


Lady’s Field Trip

What’s the best travel app? I’ve been asked that question a lot lately, and have had a hard time choosing. Google Maps is the app I use most, but I tend to take it for granted. TripIt is great for organizing itineraries, but it isn’t the sexiest app around. And that’s why I like Field Trip.

Field Trip App


Lady Loves Spring in London

Whenever people ask me when the best time to visit London is, I always say spring. Starting in March, London slowly sheds the cold yoke of winter, its short days and frigid grey weather giving way to hopeful bursts of color and brighter, sunnier skies. The mood in the city lifts, and a refreshing feeling of optimism brings people outdoors. I’m one of those people, and I’ve been witnessing spring all over London lately.

Wisteria in South Kensington, London