Lady in Lusaka

It’s a big year for Lusaka. The Zambian capital is celebrating its centenary, and there are signs all along the dusty road from the airport to the city commemorating the 100th anniversary of its founding. Interspersed among them are billboards springing up out of the red earth, welcoming visitors to Lusaka with smiling faces.

Flowers in Lusaka, Zambia


Lady in Kos

There’s something mythical about the Greek islands. Maybe it’s the history or the mountainous landscapes, maybe it’s the fact that the ruins of ancient civilizations pop up on every street corner. Whatever it is, I like it. So much so that while I’m traveling in Bodrum, I take a day trip to the island of Kos in Greece.

Church in Kos, Greece


Lady on the Turkish Riviera

The shiny new marina opened in July, just in time for the summer season on the Turkish Riviera. Shops selling luxury goods and expensive coffee are interspersed with fountains fronted by yachts. Outdoor art galleries sit under sparkling new canopies, and restaurants offering al fresco dining are as open for business at the end of the high season as they were at the beginning. This is Yalikavak, the newest hot spot on the Turkish Riviera.

Art Gallery in Yalikavak, Turkey


Lady in Bodrum

It’s windy in Bodrum. There are white caps on the Mediterranean, and when I open the doors to the balcony, it’s the cold that I notice first. I suppose it makes sense. High season on the Turkish Riviera is coming to an end, and the hot summer weather has to cool off sometime. Despite the chill, the view is spectacular. The edge of an infinity pool blurs into the sea of a private bay, and mega-yachts dot the water like little toy boats.

Sunrise in Bodrum, Turkey