Lady Shares a Free Trip to London

Exciting news: Visit London is giving away a free five night trip to London! I’m happy to share this with you, and also proud to be part of the project. To enter, you need to choose your favorite stories from Londoners, and I’m honored to be included in the list along with celebrities like Twiggy, Gordon Ramsay, and Boris Johnson.

Free Trip to London Site


Lady in Downtown Los Angeles

San Francisco and Los Angeles have always been rivals. Like Sydney and Melbourne, their geographic proximity belies their cultural competition. Having grown up in the former, I naturally side with San Francisco in the perennial debate over which city is superior. But some parts of Los Angeles challenge my belief, and downtown LA is one of them.

Eastern Building in LA, California


Lady in Palm Springs

I am the only Californian that has never been to Palm Springs. How do I know? Every time I tell people I haven’t been, they raise their eyebrows in disbelief. “You’re from California and you’ve never been to Palm Springs?” they ask. Clearly this is because it is the most amazing place on Earth (Earth being California, obviously). To remedy this situation, I put Palm Springs at the top of my Southern California travel itinerary.

Marilyn Monroe Statue in Palm Springs, California