Lady in St Moritz

I grew up skiing a lot. Not in terms of the number of trips I took, but in terms of how many runs I packed in. My family was the type that hit the slopes the second they opened, stopped at noon to inhale lunch, and stayed on the mountain until ski patrol kicked us off. It was intense. A bit too intense. So now that I’ve traveled to Switzerland, I plan to discover winter activities in St Moritz beyond skiing.

St Moritz, Switzerland


Lady in Courchevel

I haven’t skied in nine years. In fact, I haven’t skied outside of California. But skiing in the French Alps has been on my to-do list forever, and now that I’m in Courchevel I finally have my chance. The only problem is that I’m afraid I won’t remember how.

Courchevel Village


Lady’s Upcoming Webinars and Classes

Last weekend I taught a Guardian Masterclass on travel blogging in London. It was an exciting two days, and I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others. Today I am happy to continue that trend by announcing that I am running my blogging and social media webinars again this month and next!

Blogging Class in London


Lady on the Sideways Wine Trail

It has been 10 years since the movie Sideways came out. That makes me feel two things: 1) really old, and 2) embarrassed that I have never retraced the steps of Miles and Jack’s wine tasting adventures in California. But now that I’m in Santa Barbara with Visit California, I have the perfect excuse to head over to the Santa Ynez Valley to follow in the footsteps of Sideways.

Wine Tasting Room in Los Olivos, California