Lady in Bodrum

It’s windy in Bodrum. There are white caps on the Mediterranean, and when I open the doors to the balcony, it’s the cold that I notice first. I suppose it makes sense. High season on the Turkish Riviera is coming to an end, and the hot summer weather has to cool off sometime. Despite the chill, the view is spectacular. The edge of an infinity pool blurs into the sea of a private bay, and mega-yachts dot the water like little toy boats.

Sunrise in Bodrum, Turkey


Lady and London Cocktail Week

Next week is London Cocktail Week. All across the city, bars and restaurants will get creative to showcase their mixology skills. From traditional classics to creative concoctions, bartenders will be blending their best. As a little preview of what’s to come, I have been scouring the city recently for the best cocktail bars in London. Here’s what I’ve found.

Cocktail in London


Lady at Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester

Yesterday America took over London. The NFL football game at Wembley stadium meant that Vikings and Steelers jerseys outnumbered all other forms of clothing in the city. Being American, part of me wanted to join the fun. But given that I’m eligible for UK citizenship in just a few short weeks, I decided to indulge in a famous British pastime: afternoon tea at The Dorchester hotel on Park Lane.

Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester


Lady in Artistic Paris

Paris Fashion Week starts today. I was in the city over the weekend, and big preparations were underway. But fashion isn’t the only kind of art in Paris, and my trip to the City of Light focused as much on other kinds of art as it did on the upcoming catwalk shows. In fact, my time there was artistic all around.

Eiffel Tower in Paris