Lady in Clerkenwell

When I first moved to London, I asked a friend where I should live. She told me that if she could do it all over again, she would live in Hampstead. Now that I’ve been in London for six years, I sometimes wonder what I would tell someone if they asked me the same question. Usually I find myself leaning towards a particular neighborhood in central London: Clerkenwell.

Leaves in Clerkenwell, London


Lady’s Expat Holiday Blunders

Happy Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah, for that matter)! Every year since starting the A Lady in London blog, I have written about Thanksgiving in London, but this year I am going to do something different: talk about navigating the holidays as an expat, and all of the wonderfully embarrassing mistakes I have made since moving to the UK. Here goes…

Thanksgiving in London


Lady Gets a Massage at the Met

Winter is coming. Autumn leaves are disappearing from the trees, the sun is setting painfully early, and the weather is rapidly approaching freezing. Sitting in my icy flat (do you have to pay council tax on an igloo?), I dream of tropical beaches and island sun, but face the fact of frigid fingers. If only there was a way to escape the winter without leaving London. And then I discover that there is…

Metropolitan Hotel Spa


Lady at Ellenborough Park

Of all the beautiful places in England, the Cotswolds are my favorite. Pretty villages and quintessential English countryside come standard, and the area has everything my inner American expects to find in a British travel destination. Oh, and there are horses. And lots of fluffy sheep.

Horses in the Cotswolds