Lady’s Upcoming Travels

I’m hitting the road again! After spending most of the summer in London, I’m embarking on new international adventures in the coming weeks. First up is France, then Turkey and Greece, and finally three weeks in southern Africa. I would love your travel tips!

Beach in Africa


Lady in Salcombe

We weren’t expecting the horses. They emerged out of the fog like mythical beings, eyeing us with as much curiosity as we did them. But given the otherworldy scenery, the prehistoric rock formations and secret coastal coves, we weren’t entirely surprised. One came up to nuzzle my friend’s arm, giving her a little love nibble. We looked at one another, half laughing, half bewildered, wondering whether Salcombe and the Devon coast were actually real, or whether we had stumbled into another world.

Horse in Salcombe, Devon


Lady Finds America in Rotherhithe

I’m homesick. My last trip to San Francisco was seven months ago, and this week the weather in London turned cold, leaving me longing for my Indian summers in California. But recently I’ve discovered that London has its share of American treasures, many of them sufficient to head off my desire to head across the pond. The best of them are in Rotherhithe.

Warehouse Conversion in Rotherhithe


Lady in the Metro

I have exciting news: I am in the Metro today! I was interviewed for a brand sparkling new feature about inspirational travelers in the daily newspaper.

Metro Newspaper London