The UK inspires me. The more I travel here, the more I discover how many amazing places there are in this country. I recently wrote about 9 pretty towns and villages in Britain, and since I got good feedback I want to share 11 of the best cities in the UK with you.

Best Cities in UK

Best Cities in the UK

These cities have all won me over with their charm and aesthetics. Whether its a majestic cathedral or attractive streets, each one has something unique to set it apart and make me want to stay longer. I hope you feel the same way.

Street in Cambridge

1. Chester

When it comes to history and charm, Chester is hard to beat. This city has Roman walls, medieval churches, and a half-timbered high street that makes my heart flutter. Add to that little side streets and colorful doors, and Chester is beautiful everywhere I look.

Street in Chester

2. Edinburgh

When it comes to stunning views, Edinburgh tops my list. This city has everything from a hilltop castle to charming villages, and every time I visit I find a new hidden lane or secret alley to make me fall more in love with it.

View of Edinburgh

3. Cambridge

As far as university cities go, Cambridge is stunning. The honey colored stone and and meandering river combine to make this one of the best cities in the UK. And that’s to say nothing of the stunning Gothic chapel interiors.

King's College Chapel, Cambridge

4. Wells

Often overlooked, Wells deserves a place on any list of beautiful places in the UK. This pint-size city is home to an enormous cathedral and a lot of charming streets. Wandering along the high street and taking in the little lanes is a treat, not least when it comes to Vicars’ Close.

Wells, England

5. Durham

Durham is another university city that’s worth a visit for its cobbled streets and impressive cathedral. Rich in history, its castle is also a good place to get a glimpse into Britain’s past.

Market Place, Durham

6. Oxford

Speaking of university cities, Oxford is one that deserves a place on my list of the best cities in the UK. The colleges feature gorgeous architecture from centuries past and the city has a lot of beautiful historic pubs, museums, and markets to explore.


7. St Davids

Out in Wales, the city of St Davids may be one of the smallest in Britain, but its lovely aspect more than makes up for its diminutive size. Like others on my list it’s home to an imposing cathedral, and it also has the added benefit of coastal charm.

St Davids

8. Canterbury

Another famous cathedral city, Canterbury features streets with chocolate-box atmosphere. I love wandering through the narrow lanes and ducking into shops as I make my way through the center.


9. Winchester

Every time I visit Winchester I find more to love about it. This city has a bucolic river walk, secret gardens, and historic architecture galore. And let’s not forget the Round Table of King Arthur fame.

Hospital of St Cross, Winchester

10. York

York is a city of dreams. From its medieval walls to its narrow alleys, there’s something beautiful in every direction. Add to that a minster, a river, and a lot of lovely shops, and York is a real charmer.

York, England

11. London

I couldn’t write about the prettiest cities in Britain without including London. The skyline of the UK capital is bursting with towers, turrets, domes, and spires, and the side streets are full of cobbled charm. There’s every kind of beauty here, from ancient to modern, natural to human-made.

South Bank London

My list could go on, but I hope you’ve found inspiration in these 11 cities. Just writing about them has made me want to get out and explore more. I hope reading about them has made you feel the same. They really are some of the best cities in the UK.

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Best Cities in UK

10 Comments on Lady’s 11 Pretty Cities You Have to See in the UK

  1. So many pretty cities! From your list my favorites and Cambridge and Winchester. There are a few I still need to visit too!

    I may be biased but I do think Norwich is also a very pretty city. The cathedral is stunning and there are so many buildings dating back to the 1500s. I also love that some of the city wall is intact. I just wish we had a prettier castle!

  2. I think that Lincoln, Lancaster, Shrewsbury and Leicester are very nice too.
    Norwich is one of the best in my opinión.
    Newcastle is a very fine industrial city.
    Sorry for my English, i like very much your blog.

    Regars from Spain.

  3. I visited Winchester last fall and loved it! I’m a huge Jane Austen fan so, of course, it was a must-see on my list. Would love to go back. Same with York. I have Edinburgh, Canterbury and Oxford on my list for my visit next year – – can’t wait!

    Thank you for the post. I see I will have to add other cities to my list. Happy Saturday!

  4. I still have a few of these cities to tick off my list but there are some really amazing places to see in the UK!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Allegra xx

  5. Happy to see Edinburgh get a mention 🙂 I am moving there very soon and absolutely fell in love with it. Always wanted to go to York as well, it’s not top of the bucket list!

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