Britain’s beauty astounds me. From idyllic countryside to iconic cities, there’s no shortage of loveliness here. And the smaller places are some of my favorites when it comes to seeking out charm. If you feel the same, today I bring you 9 of the prettiest towns and villages in Britain.

Prettiest Towns and Villages in Britain

Prettiest Towns and Villages in Britain

Each of these destinations has awed me from the moment I arrived. From storybook cottages to fairy-tale palaces, they feel like the stuff of dreams. Whether you’re looking for Georgian splendor or Cotswold stone, there’s a perfect place for you to discover.


1. Painswick

Painswick is a Gloucestershire gem. This village in the Cotswolds is not only home to picture-pretty streets, but also a churchyard full of topiary yew trees. Add to that a Rococo garden and plenty of walking paths to explore, and it’s hard to find a more inspiring place.


2. Rye

Down in Sussex, Rye‘s tangle of streets and half-timbered houses make me feel like I’ve stepped back into medieval times. Ghost stories abound at the local pub and there’s even a castle to guard against the marauding French. Add to that Henry James’s house and garden, cottages with delightful names, and nearby beaches like Camber Sands, and this is a great escape.


3. Portmerion

Portmeirion is the most magical place in Britain. An Italian seaside town climbing a hillside on the Welsh coast, this village is an architectural fantasy land created by architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. With towers in bright hues and antique treasures dotted throughout, Portmeirion is his masterpiece and a great place for a weekend getaway.


4. Castle Combe

Back in the Cotswolds, Castle Combe is Wiltshire‘s chocolate-box village. The high street is lined with stone cottages, their slate roofs peaking up and down in harmony. Windowsills overflow with flower boxes and kettles hang above doors to welcome visitors to tea rooms. A trip to this place is like stepping straight into my favorite childhood story.

Castle Combe

5. Lacock

Not far from Castle Combe, Lacock has been used as a filming location for everything from Downton Abbey to Harry Potter. This village has all the yellow stone I could ever want and roadside stands with baked goods and bunting to boot. Add to that the famous Lacock Abbey with its medieval cloisters, and there’s a lot to love here.

Lacock Farm Stand

6. Falkland

Up in Scotland, Falkland is another of the prettiest towns and villages in Britain. It has rows of charming cottages, historic pubs, and turrets galore. In the heart of the village, Falkland Palace was a favorite of Mary, Queen of Scots. Today visitors can explore its fine interiors and gardens while discovering the area.

Falkland, Scotland

7. Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay is an old smugglers’ settlement on the Yorkshire coast. With narrow passages winding up the hillside through a jumble of houses and pubs, this village is a joy to discover. Combine that with beautiful beaches and coastal scenery, and Robin Hood’s Bay is hard to beat.

Robin Hood's Bay

8. East Meon

Out in Hampshire, East Meon is an idyllic village with a river meandering through. Thatched roof cottages and pink facades make this place a travel lover’s dream, as do cheerful hollyhocks on the waterfront and red post boxes framed by brick walls.

East Meon

9. Bath

Of all the prettiest towns and villages in Britain, Bath might be my favorite. Its Georgian architecture and golden stone make it pleasing to the eyes, and its layers of history are fascinating. This place has attracted everyone from the ancient Romans to Jane Austen, meaning there’s no doubt there’s something special about it.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

There are more places I want to discover beyond these, including Shaftesbury in Dorset. Golden Hill looks like a dream. But I hope this list gives you a good start and some inspiration for your future travels. Which is to say nothing of your photos, which can’t fail to be lovely.

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Prettiest Towns and Villages in Britain

34 Comments on Lady’s 9 Pretty Towns and Villages You Have to Visit in Britain

  1. I bet it wasn’t easy to narrow this list down to 10! I haven’t been to a lot of these so adding them to my list.

  2. This is exactly the kind of post I love. All of the descriptions are pictures look incredible! Hopefully I will be able to visit them all someday. Bath is the only one I’ve already visited and I thought it was an exceptionally beautiful place.

  3. I’m going with Falkland because of the rolling green hills I saw in the background! I hope you have a great weekend, Julie! 🙂

  4. I’ve been meaning to explore more of England for a long time – thanks for posting your fave places, I’m adding them to my list 🙂

    Mehreen Amira

  5. These town look so gorgeous, like little fairytale villages. I’ve always wanted to go to london because of all the history, but when I go to England I’ll definitely visit some of these towns too!

  6. Have just returned to New Zealand after 14 months in the UK and the only place on your list that I visited was Bath. This just means I’ll have to return for more! As you said Britain is full of gorgeous towns and villages and I’d like to add West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, Bibury in the Cotswolds and Clovelly in north Devon (quite unique).

      • I’m Portuguese background, but was brought up in the UK and been to alot of places not just in Europe but alot of places in the UK. My partner is a biker and does alot of road trips here and Europe. There is so so so many places in the UK that are so beautiful. In Cheshire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Shropshire, Cornwall, Warwickshire etc etc etc and many more villages in the Cotswolds. I have been Bath and yes very beautiful but anther town that I think needs reconision is Royal Leamington spa like Bath Georgian buildings and architecture.
        It’s just a pity it’s actually cheaper to go and stay in Europe then stay here in the UK 😊

  7. Even though I live here (in London) I always go abroad for holidays and never explore England. This Easter we’ve been invited to the Cotswalds with friends and I’m glad I saw this post as both Castle Combe and Lacock – which I’d never even heard of – look beautiful and so worth a trip to.

  8. I live in the UK but have not visited so many of these places, but I intend to do so very soon. I would like to add that Runswick Bay in Whitby is such a fab little place to visit with all it’s little fisherman’s cottages. I just love it there!! Thank you for taking the time to providing this information, it really has been invaluable.

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