I’ve wanted to travel to Portmeirion since before I moved to London. I read an article about this fairy-tale land in North Wales, and it sparked my imagination. But 10 years on, I’ve never managed to make the trip. Until now, that is. My great British road trip has taken me to North Wales, and spending 2 days in Portmeirion is at the top of my list.

2 Days in Portmeirion

2 Days in Portmeirion

My boyfriend and I hop in our camper van and drive from Anglesey to Portmeirion on our 5-day road trip in North Wales. As we pull in, I’m so excited I might burst.


The holiday village, which is part Portofino-on-Irish-Sea and part Disney-on-River-Dwyryd, is the dream-come-true of architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. Built between 1925 and 1975, it’s his magical mix of architectural styles and colors, with a bit of historic hodgepodge peppered throughout.


Partly a reaction against Modernism, partly a way to prove that architectural beauty and commercial success aren’t mutually exclusive, Williams-Ellis developed Portmeirion into a whimsical village for people to stay in, explore, and absorb.


And that’s just how I plan to spend my 2 days in Portmeirion.


Starting with a pink house. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve always wanted to live in a pink house. Portmeirion has delivered, and my boyfriend has gracefully acceded to my wish.


Ensconced in our own personal vie en rose, we start our time in the village by exploring the streets.

Portmeirion, Wales

Each is lined with buildings in bright hues, and everywhere we go there’s a surprise.


From a giant chess set to a talking tunnel, Portmeirion is a lot like Alice’s Wonderland.

Giant Chess in Portmeirion

In fact, there’s even a Mad Hatter’s tea party in one of the shop windows.


When we’re not exploring the village, we’re wandering its trails. There are a lot of walking paths around Portmeirion, some leading to beaches, some to viewpoints, and some to lighthouses.

Portmeirion Lighthouse

We crisscross the forested landscape, occasionally dipping down to walk along a sandy cove or climbing up to take in the panoramas below.


And when we’re back in Portmeirion, we cocoon ourselves in our pink house. We eat at the cafes and restaurants in the village. We walk around some more to take it all in. We marvel. And by the time we leave I can hardly believe I’ve finally traveled here. It’s been worth the 10-year wait.

How about you? How would you spend 2 days in Portmeirion?

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2 Days in Portmeirion

24 Comments on Lady’s 2 Magical Days in Portmeirion, Wales

  1. I have visited here, but it was 12 years ago. I don’t know where the time has gone! I was especially keen as I watched the old “The Prisoner” series.

  2. I lived in North Wales for 5 years, and Portmeirion is great. You’ve got an excellent eye for design, and your photos are beautiful. I enjoyed reading your post too!

  3. Lovely post 🙂 I stumbled across Portmeirion earlier this year when I was in Wales to climb Snowdon. What an unbelievably beautiful place! I found it so strange that it’s in the UK, I felt like I was on the Italian Riviera.

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit! I think a few years ago another blogger I follow went and since then I’ve wanted to go. Maybe I’ll be able to take a wales trip next year!

  5. I enjoyed your beautiful photos from this amazing place. When I was there I stayed at the hotel and I loved it. A huge fireplace to sit by and interesting people to meet. I also walked on the trails and made my way up to the other hotel that looks like a castle. Thanks for bringing back all those great memories.

  6. Yes, When I was a child in my english course in Wales. Thanks for remember this place, continuing in my memory. Soooooo beaufiful and romantic place.
    My best wishes
    Eva from Madrid

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