My great British road trip has brought me to North Wales. One of the highlights of my time here is spending 2 days in Anglesey. I’ve been intrigued by this glittering isle in the Irish Sea since Prince William and Kate Middleton lived here during his time as a Search and Rescue pilot, and I can’t wait to experience its wild beauty firsthand.

2 Days in Anglesey

2 Days in Anglesey

My boyfriend and I drive our camper van from Snowdonia National Park to Anglesey in the middle of our 5-day road trip in North Wales. As we cross the Menai Strait, we look to our right to see the famous Menai Suspension Bridge.

Menai Suspension Bridge

Completed in 1826, it’s not only the world’s first iron suspension bridge but also a lovely sight to behold. It welcomes us to the island and sets the tone for our time here.

Holy Island, Wales

Things to Do in Anglesey

As does the area around it. After checking into our hotel, the fairy-tale Chateau Rhianfa, we start our 2 days in Anglesey with a visit to Plas Newydd, a country house on the Menai Strait.

Plas Newydd

The traditional home of the Marquess of Anglesey, the house has classic interiors and a stunning mural by artist Rex Whistler.

Add to that beautiful gardens, red squirrels (we spotted one!), and views across the water, and we’re smitten.

Plas Newydd

From Plas Newydd we drive south along the coast to Newborough Warren. We find a beach that leads to Llanddwyn Island, a tidal isle that can be reached on foot when the water recedes.

Llanddwyn Island

Walking along the beach, we let the wind play in our hair as we watch the waves froth in the sea. It’s everything I hoped to experience in Anglesey.

Llanddwyn Island

Holy Island

Leaving the beach, we continue our 2 days in Anglesey by driving clockwise along the coast until we reach Holy Island. Off the west coast of Anglesey, it takes remoteness to the next level.

Camper Van in Anglesey

We cruise through Holyhead, a town with a pretty seafront where ferries leave for Dublin, then head to the South Stack Lighthouse. Standing strong in a churning sea, the beacon is a majestic sight.

South Stack Lighthouse

From there we drive south for more views of the lighthouse through fields of heather and gorse, then go back to the main road to complete our journey.

Holy Island, Wales

Anglesey, Wales

There’s still a lot of Anglesey we haven’t seen, though. The north coast and castle at Beaumaris are just two of the places we don’t have time to visit, but they give us a reason to return someday.

If they’re anywhere near as beautiful as the rest of Anglesey, I’ll be glad when we do.

How about you? What would you do with 2 days in Anglesey?

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2 Days in Anglesey

14 Comments on Lady’s Guide to 2 Days in Anglesey, Wales

  1. Stunning! I recently went to Wales for the first time and just couldn’t believe how beautiful it was! I already want to explore more of it

    Holly x

  2. The country house looks stunning! The cliffs and water is such a breathtaking view, I’ve never been but would love to see this in person. Such lovely photography xx

  3. My ancestors are from North Wales and I still have relatives there. I spent three days on Anglesey and I love all the Welsh beaches but the Anglesey ones are spectacular . So many other places like art galleries, Halen Mon sea salt tour etc .

  4. We spent a week in Anglesey some years ago and enjoyed the beaches.
    We did take the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin and had a great day there. Open top double decker bus tour of the city with free Seven Up. I was so dehydrated I drank too many cans of 7up and have never been able to drink a drop of it since!
    Off the subject we too you advice and visited Eltham Castle when visiting friends in SE London two weekends ago. Really interesting place to visit. Thanks for recommending it.

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