Lady of LUXE

I recently joined an organization called the Spinsters of San Francisco. As the name implies, the Spinsters is a social / charitable group (with an emphasis on the former) of young, single women in San Francisco.


Lady of Latin

This week I became a Latin scholar. This was not by choice, but by necessity. The story starts with the tedious application process for the HSMP UK visa I’m applying for.

The rules state that I have to send in my original university diploma. Easy enough. However, they also state that if any of my application materials are in a language other than English I have to get them translated by a certified, professional translation service.


Lady on Russian Hill

When I first moved to San Francisco I started working immediately so I never really got to explore a lot of the neighborhoods in the city. On Tuesday we had a rare day of sunshine and warm weather, so I took the opportunity to play tourist in Russian Hill.

Houses on Russian Hill in San Francisco


Lady of Labor Day – Portland, Oregon

Labor Day weekend took me to Portland, Oregon. Although I’ve lived in California for most of my life, I had never actually made it up to Portland. It was my loss. Portland is an amazing city. It is like a mix of Vancouver, Seattle, and San Francisco all in one. The city is walkable and easy to navigate, has great food, and is surrounded by amazing natural beauty.

Oysters in Portland Oregon