Lady in London

I finally made it to London!

My week in Paris went by in a wonderful blur of crepes and croque monsieurs, Marais and Montmartre, fondue and falafel, and just about every other wonderful thing about the city of lights. My friend and I explored areas of Paris we hadn’t previously visited, including the Montmartre vineyard, a great farmer’s market near Bastille, and a beautiful park in the 17th.


Lady in Paris

It’s a cold morning in Paris. I’m sitting in the Place des Vosges taking advantage of the city’s free Wi-Fi network and feeling rather embarrassed that the French got a city-wide Wi-Fi network up and running before San Francisco! That aside, I’m loving that I can sit in one of my favorite parks and be on the internet at the same time.


Lady of the Harvest

I like to consider myself efficient. I got all my packing done last night and this morning I woke up early and headed down to my mom’s house in Silicon Valley for the harvest at our community vineyard. I figured that harvesting grapes for wine would be a great way to say good-bye to California before moving to London.

Vineyard in Silicon Valley California


Lady of the Playground and the Wedding

Today was a busy day. I started out in Visitacion Valley at a volunteer event with the Spinsters of San Francisco. We had a Halloween-themed event for the kids at Real Options for City Kids (ROCK), the organization we partner with.